Swami Kriyananda’s
Birthday Concert

Join us Wednesday, May 19th at 7:30pm PDT for an international brotherhood concert broadcast live in honor of Swami Kriyananda’s birthday.

There will be both live and pre-recorded performances from Ananda singers and instrumentalists all over the world!


href=”https://vimeo.com/541349848″>Sunday Service Ananda Village from Online with Ananda on Vimeo.

Click play at 7:30pm PDT, Wednesday May 19, 2021 to watch the free livestream. The concert start time may be delayed 5 minutes due to a ceremony happening beforehand. We apologize for any delay.

The Journey Home

Each of us is a soul and has deep within us a yearning to be drawn back in to our eternal home in Spirit. We need a guide and friends along the way. We need energy and determination for the journey.

Swami Kriyananda had two desires in his life: to find God, and to help others in that same endeavor. On Swamiji’s birthday this year we will have a concert of his music which tells the story of each soul. We must each pass “through dim corridors of waking consciousness to emerge at last in to infinite light, in to perfect Joy,” as Swamiji says in his Festival of Light. This, for each of us, is our Journey Home.

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