Temple of Light Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Recorded September 21, 2019, at Ananda Village, with a special Interfaith Council Ceremony. Special thanks to Erin Sorani from the Grass Vally Chamber of Commerce, Rev. Lani Howard from the Sierra Center for Spiritual Living, Dr. Don McCormick from the Grass Vally Quaker Meeting, Dr. Nancy Harper from the Spiritual Assembly of Bahai’s, Pastor Bill Wong from the Peace Lutheran … Read More

The Guru’s Test

The Guru’s Test Yogananda used to tell this humorous but instructive story, here narrated by Nayaswami Atman during his recent Sunday Service at Ananda Village.

The Almond Cookies

Tyagi Atman shares a humorous story as a great example to demonstrate the truth of a Bhagavad Gita passage during his Sunday Service at Ananda Village.