How to Know God’s Will

Atman talks about when and how to ask God His will. Watch the full video here: Highlight from Sunday Service — In Surrender Lies Victory!

In Surrender Lies Victory!

Nayaswami Atman describes what it really means to say “Yes” to life — and the pitfalls that people fall into surrounding this spiritual principle.

Communities: Lifestyle for the New Age

Nayaswami Anandi shares thoughts and advice in the interpersonal, individual realm of living in community — living with people.  Nayaswami Padma speaks on experiences in and lessons from living in and directing communities. Zachary Anderson tells the story of how he came onto the spiritual path — and uncovered the desire to live with nature and people in harmony.  Nayaswami … Read More

Frogs in a Well

Watch the full video here: Highlight from Sunday Service — The Inner Kingdom