Karna’s Boon

Watch the full video here: http://youtu.be/aQxffuHaCQ8 Highlight from Sunday Service — The Law Is Perfected in Love

The Law Is Perfected in Love

On Valentine’s Day weekend, Nayaswami Devarshi talks about what Divine love is and isn’t. He shares also the illuminating story of Karna from the Mahabharata — a great warrior who was generous to a fault, but fell in with the “wrong crowd.”

Render Grateful Service

Devarshi shares how his late wife Maria would motivate him to do chores with a spirit of giving. Watch the full video http://youtu.be/cv9b4Ta88dk Highlight from Sunday service “How Democratic is Truth?”

How Democratic Is Truth?

In this weeks sunday service, Devarshi talks about how the two most important truths on the spiritual path are rendering selfless service and cultivating devotion.

All Is Vasudev

Watch the full video http://youtu.be/Lhemv5L7maY Highlight from Sunday service “How High Should We Aspire?” Devarshi shares the final days of his brother’s life as he teaches him the meditation technique of Hong Sau.

How High Should We Aspire?

Devarshi talks about how all is Vasudev, all is God. Not just in all creation, but within ourselves. When we discover this, we are free. The teachings of Yoga, is a path to reach that freedom.