The Sun Behind the Fog

Watch the full video Highlight from Sunday service “Reason vs. Intuition” Devarshi shares a sweet story about a little girl and the sun hiding behind the fog.

Reason vs. Intuition

“God is just behind our thoughts,” said Paramhansa Yogananda. Devarshi takes this as a theme for the talk and explains what it means for us: that we are almost there.

Reincarnation, the Spiral Staircase

God wants us to become free, and will help us once we sincerely want to be out. This is the goal of life, to get off of the wheel of karma and learn that we are truly a child of God. He mentions how Mark Twain remembered past lives and tells of the story of a minister’s meeting with the … Read More

Does Satan Exist?

“If you knew how much God loves you,” said the Cure d’Ars, “You would die of joy.” It took Devarshi 35 years, he tells us, to realize that this was not only a sweet sentiment, but a spiritual teaching. During the service he also tells the story of the brakes failing on his van and being saved by taking the … Read More

The Importance of Soul-Receptivity

Attunement with the grace of God through the Guru is an essential aspect of spiritual progress and is necessary for our final union with Him. In this talk Devarshi explains how to make that possibility a living reality, in part drawing on the life story of St. Simeon, the New Theologian.