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Dana Lynne Andersen: Autobiography of a Yogi, Timeless Inspiration for My Life

December 2, 2016

Dana Lynne Andersen, renowned artist and founder of Awakening Arts Academy has been deeply inspired in her spiritual and artistic life by Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi."
"Hello! I’m Dana Lynn Andersen and I’m an artist and I’m also the founding director of the Awakening Arts Academy and it’s a place where we work as a vehicle for consciousness and as a way to open the heart and uplift the spirit. And all the work that I do in my own artwork and at the academy is really rooted in a book that I read: "Autobiography of a Yogi". For me the "Autobiography" really opened the doorway. It was the most clear and direct and heart opening and authentic and profound way of understanding the meaning of life and what we are here for. And through it I was able to really find an incredible comprehensive pathway for doing everything that I was doing, but from a much deeper and higher place within my own soul and my own psyche. For me it was very influential in my artwork and in the way that I approach what I do. It showed me that what was underneath matter was energy and underneath energy was consciousness. And so when I’m teaching and when I’m painting I’m looking for and working with the level beneath the surface. And I’m tuning into the realities that are the actual root of the experience. The realities of consciousness and vibration and energy. And the form is more on the surface or incidental. So it has really affected the way that I think about my work and do my work in almost every aspect of it, because the "Autobiography" puts out a very broad, expansive vision of the whole human journey and the project of the human species, like why we are here, what we are doing, where we are going."