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Joseph Bharat Cornell: Deep Nature Play

Nayaswami Bharat
June 25, 2018

Joseph Bharat Cornell's new book "Deep Nature Play: A Guide to Wholeness, Aliveness, Creativity, and Inspired Learning"

When absorbed in deep play our sensory awareness is heightened, we become immersed in the present moment and feel intensely alert and alive. Because play is fun and rewarding, we operate at the peak of our mental and physical capacity.

This book is for those who have forgotten how to play, or who want to incorporate more play into their lives and revive their innate curiosity and sense of wonder. Let Joseph Cornell, Founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide and one of the world’s most popular nature educators, empower you with the tools to maximize play, and transform it from mere entertainment into a doorway to enhanced living, creativity, and concentration.

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