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Kriya Yoga: Raising the Energy in the Spine

Swami Kriyananda
April 13, 2011

Chapter 2, Stanza 40

Swami Kriyananda reads from the Bhagavad Gita and discusses the allegorical significance of the inferred "marriage" that needs to take place between the Kundalini and the chakras to direct our energy to rise upward towards God.

Consequently, in using the techniques and methods of Kriya Yoga, we can thwart the spinal vortices (ego desires) and quickly dispel them with a central flow of rising energy. Kriyananda explains that by redirecting energy toward God, we have an avenue to transcend the bonds of worldly pursuits and constraints.

Kriyananda states that through the path of Kriya Yoga, science and spirituality work hand in hand with the guidance of a guru to reorient the inward flows of energy that help us to escape the ocean of delusion and suffering.


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