Video and Audio

Living Your Yoga

October 8, 2022

Experience the power of Bhakti, Gyana, and Karma Yoga for a more balanced life.

A Full-Immersion Online Retreat November 4–5 

Immerse yourself in the sacred teachings of yoga – exploring how to harmonize your body, mind, and heart. When all three are in alignment, our consciousness expands and we find ourselves connected with a larger, divine reality.

This in-depth, experiential online retreat is tailored to the individual. What’s your next step spiritually and what do you need to achieve it? A study of the paths of yoga reveal a clear picture of where our strengths lie, and what areas need more attention. Join us to learn tools and techniques needed to awaken the natural love of the heart, discerning power of the mind, and the joyful, selfless service expressed through the body.

- 7+ hours of LIVE, interactive workshops (+HD recordings)

- Peer-peer interaction and live learning environment

- "How to Live Your Yoga" workbook with techniques & exercises

- Schedule a 1/1 meeting with an Ananda teacher within 2-weeks following the retreat - Additional video and Mp3 material with Swami Kriyananda

- Lifetime-access to all recordings & material