From Theory to Practice – Making Your Spiritual Life Practical

Satsang with Nayaswami Asha in Pune. Once a flaw is detected in onself, how to initiate positive change: 22:00 Does Self-Realization involve leaving family and responsibilities behind? 29:29 Favorite experience of God responding to me: 39:10 How to deal with someone’s bad habits if you have to serve them anyway: 41:32 How do consciousness, desire, thoughts & energy relate to each … Read More

How to Overcome Suffering

“I scold those who listen” • How to pray to God • Judging the spiritual attainment of others • What pleases the guru? • How to overcome suffering • Drinking alcohol • Yogananda’s frequent urging to build world brotherhood colonies (Conversations with Yogananda: 392-397)

The True Meaning of the Indian Caste System

Yogananda’s thoughts on race • The true meaning of the Indian caste system • How to develop intuition • “What comes of itself, let it come” • How to correct a wrong in the world (Conversations with Yogananda: 389-391)

Does God Answer All of Our Prayers?

Overcoming laziness • Does God answer all of our prayers? • Why did Master included Jesus on the altar in his temples? • Why was Master sent to the West? • God is dreaming through us • “Make your heart a hermitage” • Never count your faults • Indifference • “I go through your souls every day” • “If you … Read More

How to Become a Master in This Life

Hong-Sau in the spine • How to become a master in this life • Yogananda’s thoughts on hypnotism • Two kinds of poverty • Churches and good works • The essence of spiritual teaching (Conversations with Yogananda: 377-381)

Meditation and Service

Meditation and service • During the Hong-Sau technique, how to deepen natural pauses between breaths (Conversations with Yogananda: 375-376)

What Are Moods?

“Master, how will I know your will, once you have left your body?” • “Behind every rosebush of pleasure lies a rattlesnake of suffering, coiled and ready to strike” • What are moods? • Can we still help others if we are weak, ourselves? • Visions during meditation (Conversations with Yogananda: 369-374)

How to Win the Love of God

How to win the love of God • How to relate to the people in our lives • What was the purpose of Yogananda’s work? (Conversations with Yogananda: 367-368)

How to Pray

A disciple who took many photos of the Master • Does God answer our prayers? • How to pray (Conversations with Yogananda: 364-365)

Yogananda’s Interpretations of the Rubaiyat

Yukteswar’s training: deep scriptural study • Yogananda’s interpretations of The Rubaiyat • How people come to the spiritual path • Yogananda as “just a bulge in the ocean” • The importance of taking care of the body when younger • “Fools argue, but wise men discuss” (Conversations with Yogananda: 358-363)