Equal Respect for All — Live Like Yogananda (Class 9)

The masters’ perception of people is beyond just deciding to treat everyone respectfully—it is the difference between right behavior and an elevated consciousness. We can make a decision of how we want to be, discipline ourselves, and eventually this can become a shift in consciousness. Master simply perceived everyone, all sentient beings, as vibrations of energy on the spectrum from … Read More

Complete Non-Attachment — Live Like Yogananda (Class 8)

Yogananda’s life was a living example of saintliness, a blueprint for us to follow and emulate to draw us into our own highest potential. Swami Kriyananda, too, as an expression of his discipleship lived in emulation of his guru. In their lives we see many examples of true non-attachment, not mere disinterest or lack of engagement with life, but dynamic … Read More

Desirelessness — Live Like Yogananda (Class 7)

Desire is when our consciousness is constantly distracted by other things and our energy is dissipated. The goal is to come so deep within our Self that there is complete peace in our center. As Master demonstrated so vividly, we still have ambition in desirelessness but are no longer acting out of desire for ourselves. The Masters have no personal … Read More

Centered In the Infinite Self ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 6

“Imagine not merely loving everyone but being within every one of them.” Swami Kriyananda shared this superconscious reality with gurubais in reference to being so fluid in one’s sense of identification, and expanded in Self, that one can move the center of Spirit to anyone’s reality. The master’s incarnation is like the reality of onstage and offstage moments, the avatar … Read More

A Sense of Humor ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 3

“A tiny bubble of laughter, I am become the sea of mirth itself!” So ends Yogananda’s transcendant poem, Samadhi. Laughter itself helps us to live in the present moment, for when we laugh, we are neither in the past nor future, but completely enjoying the now. True humor is kindly, and never cutting. Swami Kriyananda even said once that, to … Read More

Absence of Ego (Live Like Yogananda, Class 1)

Although avatars like Yogananda may be praised for their humility, in actuality it is not humility they are expressing. How can there be humility when there is no sense of self, absolutely no identification with ego? Swami Kriyananda explains how he never saw Master affected by anything anyone ever said to him. Master’s peace of mind rested entirely in his … Read More