In Divine Friendship, Talk 6: Put Your Faith Only in God

What is the best way to respond to criticism, both of ourselves and others? How can we cultivate the correct amount of tapasya in our lives, just enough to fasciliate greater energy, but not undue tension? Concentration, and seeing god as the doer is the key to creative self-expansion. How can we overcome self-doubt and live in the remembrance of … Read More

How to Work with Your Emotions (Part 1)

A woman in the Ananda Palo Alto community wrote to Asha asking how to work with her emotions and help her children to work with their emotions during this time of quarantine in 2020. Go on this 3 part journey with Asha as she touches important points in this vast subject.

The Gurus of Our Path: Still More About Lahiri Mahasaya

There is a wealth of knowledge about how the Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya came out of the Himalayas, where only those who had renounced the material world entirely could learn it, and into the lives those who were householders. Join Asha this morning for another day talking about how this happened.

The Gurus of Our Path: More About Lahiri Mahasaya

Enjoy another morning with Asha as she continues to talk about one of the gurus in our line of masters, Lahiri Mahasaya. As a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, who are the 4 other gurus that you see on the altar when you come into an Ananda church? Why are they there? Find out!

In Divine Friendship, Talk 4: Attunement & Self-Honesty

Practice perfect self-honesty. God doesn’t expect more of you than you are capable of. In loving God and Guru we are drawn into their ray of magnetism. Attunement is the vehicle for the deepest upliftment. What is guilt, and how can we overcome it? Why don’t we remember past lives, and how aught we to relate to our failures?