Detachment Is Not Apathy

Is is possible to be detached from life’s circumstances without being apathetic? How can we remain enthusiastic while also being surrendered to God’s will? What does it mean to live in the eternal now with concentration and dedication, rather than seeking our satisfaction in the future or past?

Time and Immortality

In this satsang, Asha discusses how we perceive time. What makes us yearn for the future, or long for the past? Is it possible to realize infinite, past, present, and future, as one ever-present moment? If so, how can we take steps towards that realization.

Death and Grief

In this satsang, Asha shares on the topic of death, dying, grief, and how these elements of the human experience all come from God.

6: What is the Purpose of Suffering?

Is there a divine purpose in suffering? All of our circumstances are perfectly orchestrated to bring us the experiences that we, individually, need to expand our consciousness and find a deeper awareness of ourselves and God.

4: More About Karma

Asha further discusses the principle of karma and how to meet it. How to develop the right type of magnetism to overcome or mitigate the trials and obstacles that come to us.

5: Is Love Alone Enough?

In this “fire-side chat” Asha discusses how to relate to darkness manifested in the world. Is it enough just to love it, or do we need to fight and stand up for the light?

1: What is Positive Thinking?

How can we approach the times we’re living in and address our circumstances in the SPIDOG way; Solve Problems In the Direction of God. Can we learn to think positively while also remaining practical and realistic? Learn to attune your mind and awareness with God’s grace in everything you do.

2: Developing Discrimination

In this 30 minute video, Asha discusses the affirmation of Discrimination from Swami Kriyananda’s book, Affirmations for Self-Healing, and how to apply it to our daily lives, both in our current times and eternally.