Unlock Your Chakras for Spiritual Healing & Meditation

Are you looking to unlock the power of your chakras for spiritual healing and meditation? Chakras are powerful energy centers located throughout the body. When activated, they can help us reach a higher level of spiritual awareness and relaxation. Through the practice of meditation and mindful awareness, we can tap into the power of our chakras and reap the benefits. … Read More

How to Love & Be Loved

One of the most compelling promises in the Bible is, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” How do we find and express that perfect love? One of the secrets is understanding God as Divine Mother. Spirituality cannot be imposed from the outside. It grows like a seed. It can’t be rushed; no stage of growth can be skipped. Generous giving … Read More

The Purpose of Life (And How to Live It)

Every incarnation seemingly ends with a Life Review — either just after you leave your body — as the NDE folks tell us — or in the days and weeks leading up to that final event. Your purpose is revealed and you get to see how you succeeded or failed in your Divine Assignment. Why wait till the end? Start … Read More

Map for the Journey

Where are you now? Where are you going? And how are you going to get there? Sometimes the hardest thing to figure out is, “What should I do next?” Forward for one person may be backwards for someone else. Paramhansa Yogananda said you only have to practice 1% of what he taught to make great spiritual progress. But which 1%? … Read More

Sanaatan Dharma in the New Age (English with Italian Translation)

Sanaatan Dharma is the eternal and universal truth that underlies all religions. Truth is one and eternal, and in this talk Asha shares how each one of us can tune into our individual dharma through meditation, introspection and self-honesty. Asha explores how important it is to persevere on the spiritual path despite our internal resistances. #dharma #karma #sanatandharma Mini retreat … Read More

Awakening the Heart (Sunday Service with Asha)

We are all on journey from ignorance to wisdom and in the process we might find it challenging to understand the nature of reality. Asha shares personal stories of hardships and through them experiencing the transforming power of the heart and compassion. #awakening #heart #awareness