Heroic Love: Martin Luther King Day Satsang

At times, God calls us to be much more than we think we can be. The examples of heroes like Martin Luther King help us to rise to the occasion and stand up for idealism. Heroic love asks, what else am I living for accept what is right? Dr. King offered the willingness and courage to sacrifice everything for a … Read More

New Year, New Thoughts – The World is Bright

New Year’s Eve, a time to reinforce new and beneficial habits and thoughts into our psyche as we move into 2021. In this seemingly bleak time, what light do we have to cling to? Perhaps much more than we might normally believe! This rising age, Dwapara Yuga, is bringing in new waves of upliftment and inspiration, even amidst the seeming … Read More

Master needs warriors and Heroes (“In Divine Friendship” Class 19)

Of what value are religious institutions versus altering spirituality to each individual? If hierarchy and work are balanced with the importance of the individual, institutions can offer clarity and coherence, community, support, ritual, and living examples—which can help us experience God in ourselves. The key is inspiration and the individual’s responsibility for attunement. At last, spirit is formless, and it … Read More

Going Beyond Human Love — “In Divine Friendship” (Class 17)

Swami and Asha have discussed human relationships of many sorts, but now dive deeply into the realm of parenting. How much influence does a parent have on the consciousness of their children, and how best to go about it? As St. August said regarding his mother, St. Monica, “Never underestimate the power of the devout mother’s prayer.” Asha also covers … Read More

Chakras in Daily Life ⋆ Working With Our Energy ⋆ Class 5

In the culminating class Asha discusses how energy flows through the entire astral body, and how attachments and desires create vrittis (whirlpools) of feeling. These vrittis can cause us to forget the true source of our happiness, tricking our chakras into pursuing fulfillment in outer pursuits, rather than in God alone. How can a greater understanding of the chakras, vrittis, … Read More