Insights and Commentaries ~ In Divine Friendship, Class 42

An array of letters exploring how: Master’s teachings are equally close to Hinduism and Catholicism alike. Swami Kriyananda described the staff at the Indian hospital as a ‘collection with uplifted character’. An article by a scholar who wrote about Yogananda, distinguishing between being a Kriya yogi and a Raja yogi. Ayn Rand’s novels had some merits but could only reach … Read More

“Appropriate Enthusiasm” ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 31

Yogananda lived with a deep enthusiasm for all life. Born not of outer involvement, but of inner feelings of bliss, this enthusiasm allowed the master to enjoy all circumstances equally. It is essential to understand the difference between feeling and emotion. Feeling is the experience of life that starts within ourselves, whereas feeling particularized into duality becomes emotion, and thereby … Read More

Chanting and Intuition ~ In Divine Friendship, Class 40

Continuing with letters regarding group chanting. What is the true purpose of chanting? To take us inside. Master minimized the emphasis on symbols and deities, so he didn’t sing Indian chants very much. Singing Indian chants is fine as long as it doesn’t take us into a different direction from what Master had intended. But decisions should be made through … Read More

Live with Full Energy ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 19

What would it feel like to be absolutely fearless? A master has no problems of consciousness, is afraid of nothing, is full of God’s power. Most of us have become accustomed to solving problems through the use of our body and distractions, but how can we solve problems of consciousness on the level of consciousness itself? This way is far … Read More

Be Equally Loving to All~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 16

Yogananda gave his interested and participatory love to everyone equally. The love of the Masters is not aloof or distant, but is as involved in our lives as we allow them to be. Yogananda often took special care to attend to the specific needs of his disciples, and even perfect strangers (though could anyone be called a stranger to the … Read More

Joy Is Within You ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 15

Ananda is the bliss of God, a quality that Yogananda purely emulated, and while bliss is the inherent nature of each one of us, it has gotten blocked and covered over. Synapses in our brains, based on past experiences and vrittis, start firing from ideas and situations; these then trigger and create a whole reality, emotions, and thoughts—which cloud our … Read More

The Heart of the Matter ~ In Divine Friendship, Class 35

In all matters, try to see the whole picture and remain loyal to the greatest commitment of divine attunement. In these letters Swamiji traverses how to get to the heart of the matter in various areas of life and how to partake in accurate analysis of problems, and yet remain solution oriented. He also discusses in detail Education for Life, … Read More

Equal Respect for All — Live Like Yogananda (Class 9)

The masters’ perception of people is beyond just deciding to treat everyone respectfully—it is the difference between right behavior and an elevated consciousness. We can make a decision of how we want to be, discipline ourselves, and eventually this can become a shift in consciousness. Master simply perceived everyone, all sentient beings, as vibrations of energy on the spectrum from … Read More