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Sharing the Love of Christ - Christmas Greetings from Nayaswami Kirtani and Anand

December 24, 2023

Dear Friends, this Christmas is a special time to celebrate life but especially to go within ourselves and ask that we can reach a deeper understanding of what is happening in the world and in our lives.

🙏 Kirtani and Anand, spiritual directors of the Ananda Europe, share their reflections for this Christmas and New Year inspired by the music and wisdom of their spiritual teacher Swami Kriyananda.

💖 With this video, the entire Ananda community and the entire Online community wholeheartedly wishes you a Christmas that can awaken in us more and more the courage to become children of the Light.

🙏✨ This video is part of the Christmas journey offered by Ananda in preparation for the Holy Christmas of the Lord Jesus Christ "Follow the Star: On the path towards brotherwood"

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