Video and Audio

Temple Progress and Seva Week (Summer 2018)

Kent Williams
August 2, 2018

A video showing the progress over the past few months of the building of the Ananda Temple of Light, including the 2018 Seva Week this summer, where Ananda builders from all over the world gathered to lend their skills and energy to the project. Culminating in the FIRST EVENT ever inside the temple, an evening kirtan led by some of Ananda's finest musicians. The song you hear is from a traditional Hawaiian chant "He Ke Hau" as sung on the video by Ananda musician and Polestar Gardens founder, Michael Gornik. The translation of the words are "Love is like a healing water, a healing dew, that washes away all the hurts". The words are: "He Ke Hau He Ke Hau Ho ‘o ma’e ma’e Kea Aloha".