The following asanas are covered in Asana Intensive for Yoga Teachers.

“With shafts of will I pierce the heart of worries.”

“The silent power of the Infinite expands within me.”

“I am awake! Energetic! Enthusiastic!”

“I sail serenely through skies of inner freedom.”

“Free in my heart, I live without fear.”

“New life, new consciousness now flood my brain!”

“My boat of life floats lightly on tides of peace.”

<Awakened energy is itself the affirmation.>

“While I move through life, I am anchored in my Self.”

“Within my every breath is infinite power.”

“I sit serene, uplifted in Thy light.”

“I am a fountain of boundless energy and power!”

“I release my spinal energies to rise in light.”

“I offer myself fully into the flow of grace.”

“The Infinite Light cascades through my spine.”

“I relax and cast aside all mental burdens.”

“With a burst of energy, I rise to green the world!”

“I rise above all thought of past and future, into the Eternal Now.”

“I set ablaze the fire of inner joy.”

“I purify my thoughts, my speech, my every action.”

“I am He! I am He! Blissful Spirit, I am He!”

“Energetic movement, or unmoving peace: The choice is mine alone! The choice is mine!”

“I expand fully into this moment.”

“I welcome every opportunity for further growth.”

“I attune my will to the Source of all power.”