Is God all-powerful?


The Bhagavad Gita states: “Some speak of God in wondrous terms. Some are charmed at thought of Him, but few know what He really is.”

As we look through the windows of scriptures, written by great saints, we get glimpses of a great power. Through our intelligence, we see that all things are linked to one supreme intelligence.

For instance, there is the sun far away and here we are on this little earth and yet, due to the direction of a living intelligence, there is a cooperation between the sun and our lives. Without that sun we could not exist. We have hunger, and nature supplies our need for food. Some mysterious power transforms that food into energy and tissues of the body.

The Infinite is beyond thought
The Infinite is inconceivable, but the finite gives us a beginning. Science tells us that all things in this universe are nothing but different rates of one vibration. Science does not tell how this vibration differentiated itself, but the scriptures tell us that this vibration was with God and that the vibration was God. Vibration could not differentiate itself into different forms, following definite laws, if it did not have intelligence.

We live within the circle of our mind. Eternity is beyond the circle of our mind and imagination. We cannot encircle eternity by the limits of our finite understanding. God is beyond that circle. God is the cause of all things, but He is also beyond cause. We are able to know that God is all-powerful because we have the germ of that infinite power within ourselves.

A university professor once said to me, “Can you give me a reasonable explanation by which I can believe in the possibility of the existence of God?” I replied, “Yes. Here is a table in front of you. There is a tree outside. In this room there is air to breathe and outside there is water. All things you see are the result of the differentiation of vibration. Therefore it is one vibration which has created the solids, liquids, gases, and all substances. Isn’t it so?”

He said, “Yes.” Then I asked, “How is it that one vibration becomes solid, another becomes liquid, and another becomes gases? And how is it that these vibrations are so coordinated that human life becomes possible? Doesn’t it show that there is an Intelligence behind all this?”

He said, “Yes, I have found the answer.”

God sleeps and wakes
In the clod of earth, God may be said to be sleeping. When He became the metals, He found He was cold and hard, so He became the flower, expressing tender beauty. Then God became the little bird, freeing it from the earth’s breast. Eventually He became the human baby and also the mother to look after the baby. In man God becomes aware of Himself. In superman He finds Himself again.

In the garden of life, the blossoms of lives are beautiful to behold. Watching the blossoms of nature and the starry flowers in the infinite fields of the sky, we begin to think, “Is there a greater beauty behind the glimmering stars? Is there a deeper beauty behind the flowers? Is there a greater intelligence behind man’s intelligence?” Somewhere there is a fount of intelligence from which we all came and from which all things come.

We find that our wisdom is a reflection of some infinite light of wisdom. Therefore we can say, “God is wisdom, the wisdom behind all wisdom, of which we can see glimpses through the intelligence of human beings and the intelligence expressed in all nature.” God is cosmic wisdom.

Everything in the universe is related. We may sometimes think we are puppets of destiny. Yet when we project our intelligence outward and see the colossal extent of our power and perceptions, we begin to understand that somewhere, hidden within us, is the germ of an Almighty Power that links us all together. From this thought we can deduce that there is a God and that He is omnipotent.

Contact the universal channel
To find truth, we must contact the universal channel. We do not find truth by studying the different churches and their teachings. We must follow the scientific method of uniting body, mind, and soul until all static of restlessness is driven away and we experience the Infinite.
The surest proof of the existence of God is given in meditation. Calmness is a positive state of mental expansion. When our minds are calm, we can perceive the Infinite. In that state of calmness, we can experience the greatest

manifestation of God as the ever-new joy reflected in our soul. Thus we know that God is cosmic ever-new joy.God is all-powerful and eternal. Our finite minds, being made according to the laws of causation, have no right to ask how God originated. He has always existed. Our superconscious mind (or intuition) alone can grasp this truth.

From Inner Culture, July 1941.