What Is the Difference Between Spirit and God?

There is a great deal of confusion concerning the difference between Spirit and God. God is the Creator of the universe but Spirit is the Creator of God. Spirit existed before God. Spirit is that which was and always will be, whether or not the universe exists. Spirit is motionless and vibrationless. It has no dimensions, no relativity. Knowing neither … Read More

How Can I Be More Efficient?

The surest way to all-round efficiency lies in first calmly broadcasting your desires to God in prayer until you receive His answer in the fulfillment of your proper desires. Always remember that God helps those who help themselves. To draw His help, you must also put forth every effort to accomplish your goal. Most people live almost mechanically, unconscious of … Read More

What Is the Soul vs. the Ego?

The soul is a true reflection of the Spirit, and is therefore pure. When the soul becomes identified with the body, it converts itself into the ego. In a worldly person, the ego is the guiding principle of all thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. One must learn to differentiate between material desires and soul desires. The pure soul loves the wisdom … Read More

Why Is it So Hard to Find God?

It is because they do not seek Him with deep sincerity and give up too soon. You will receive from God exactly what you give to Him in devotion and service. A saint in India whose body was diseased used to cry out, “Lord, come into this broken temple.” He used to sit for eighteen hours a day in deep … Read More

How Can I Have Better Intuition?

Intuition is that directly perceiving faculty of the soul which at once knows the truth about something, without the help of the senses or the mind. Intuition does not depend upon any outside data whatsoever, and can give you knowledge about things which your senses and understanding can never give. Intuition means “soul-perception.” It shows the difference between true and … Read More

Can I Trust My Senses?

Western philosophers assumed that truth could be known by dialectics and reason. Immanuel Kant was the first one to question whether man had the faculties required to know truth. The great sage Patanjali, of India, who lived long before Kant, gave conclusive proof that settled the dispute about the nature of man’s faculties required in knowing truth. A thirsty man … Read More

Is There Life After Death?

The Infinite is ever-new, and by God’s magic wand of renewing death, He keeps everything ever-expressing, ever-remodeling itself into more suitable vehicles for infinite expression. Life here on Earth is relative. Some waves of life last longer than others, but they all express the Infinite variously and fully. They all emerge from and merge into the Infinite Ocean. The speck … Read More

Are Humans Made in the Image of God?

Originally, you were made in the image of God. Why have you lost that prenatal purity? Because you have misused your independence. Man is God’s highest creation, and not only His highest creation but His child. Be proud of that. You are not His creatures. You are His children. You can cast God away and still He does not cast … Read More

How Do I Find Peace?

Permanent peace and quiet are gained only through meditation and contacting God. Restlessness and noise, two of the most troublesome aspects of life, must be transcended before you can begin to acquire the inner peace necessary to know God. To help rid yourself of restlessness, you must understand the value of meditation in the sense that the yogis of India … Read More

Is it Possible to Prevent War?

There will always be war until people live up to the standards of God, who has no race hatred, no color prejudice, and no political differences. We are all children of God, and we must gather our forces and live up to His ideal. Wars are the result of ignorance. People should be able to settle their differences by spiritual … Read More