What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?

Ordinary prayer consists of addressing our desires, half in belief and half in doubt, to an unknown God. Never pray with disbelief in your heart or with a sense of hopelessness thinking that God will not listen to your prayers. The only way to know God through prayer is by persistence, regularity, and depth of loving effort. Pray intelligently with … Read More

What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

Contentment has within it an element of cheerful renunciation. It also includes a keen realization of which possessions are really worthwhile. We attain contentment.  We are not born with it. Contentment and satisfaction do not come with wealth or the possession of things. The possession and care of things can become a real burden. A created want or desire becomes … Read More

What is a Soul?

The soul as Spirit’s reflection, has the same qualities as Spirit. Separate in nature from the body, the soul is that which inspires courage, fervor, and all other noble qualities. Man’s too close identification with matter keeps the soul confined to the body prison and prevents him from finding freedom in God in the realm of eternal bliss. The ego … Read More

How Are We Affected by Diet?

Our diet affects our disposition to a great extent. It affects our state of mind either favorably or unfavorably, and whatever affects our state of mind affects our disposition. All food has a relationship to the mind. To have a healthy brain as well as a healthy body, it is necessary to eat the proper food. The human machine is … Read More

How Can I Calm My Anxiety?

There are two causes of nervousness: physical and mental. Physical causes are usually the result of over-eating or improper eating. All nerve cells are built from the food we eat. Nervousness is the root cause of all diseases which affect mankind. Most people experience it but very few people understand the overall bodily damage it can cause. Fear, worry, and … Read More

What is the Subconscious Mind?

No. The subconscious mind is the memory repository for the conscious mind. Being automatic, it reproduces good and bad memories equally. Hence the subconscious mind must be trained through the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is just like a psychological parrot. You can train it to utter the name of God or to swear. Just as a parrot, once taught … Read More

What Is the Difference Between Spirit and God?

There is a great deal of confusion concerning the difference between Spirit and God. God is the Creator of the universe but Spirit is the Creator of God. Spirit existed before God. Spirit is that which was and always will be, whether or not the universe exists. Spirit is motionless and vibrationless. It has no dimensions, no relativity. Knowing neither … Read More

How Can I Be More Efficient?

The surest way to all-round efficiency lies in first calmly broadcasting your desires to God in prayer until you receive His answer in the fulfillment of your proper desires. Always remember that God helps those who help themselves. To draw His help, you must also put forth every effort to accomplish your goal. Most people live almost mechanically, unconscious of … Read More

What Is the Soul vs. the Ego?

The soul is a true reflection of the Spirit, and is therefore pure. When the soul becomes identified with the body, it converts itself into the ego. In a worldly person, the ego is the guiding principle of all thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. One must learn to differentiate between material desires and soul desires. The pure soul loves the wisdom … Read More

Why Is it So Hard to Find God?

It is because they do not seek Him with deep sincerity and give up too soon. You will receive from God exactly what you give to Him in devotion and service. A saint in India whose body was diseased used to cry out, “Lord, come into this broken temple.” He used to sit for eighteen hours a day in deep … Read More