What is Matter?

To the human consciousness matter is both real and perceptible, but man has discovered that behind the transitory forms of material creation there is an invisible permanent creative force. All matter is composed of vibration. The ninety-two elements of matter, which enter into the composition of the whole universe from stars to human beings, are nothing but different forms of … Read More

How Should I Handle Disappointment?

Material things cannot be owned by anyone, for at death they must be left behind and given to others. We are only allowed the use of things. It is foolish to be attached to material things. You should pray only to be given the use of things you genuinely need and, if necessary, to be given the power to create … Read More

Is the World More Good or Evil?

Undoubtedly there is more good than evil in the world, but good deeds are not noticed as quickly as evil deeds. Shakespeare was probably right when he said, “The evil men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” This does not mean that we are not later punished for our sins and rewarded for our … Read More

How Does Our Environment Affect Us?

Environment and the company we keep are of paramount importance. From early childhood on, through our reactions to our outer environment, our inner mental environment of thoughts and mental habits is formed. Our outer environment, in conjunction with our inner environment, molds our tastes, guides our actions, and controls our life. Environmental troubles exist because of our actions in the … Read More

What Should I Eat?

All foods have one of three qualities. Some foods have spiritual qualities, some have activating qualities, and some have evil qualities. Since the expression of a person’s soul is dependent upon the condition of his body, and his body is dependent upon food, it is desirable to know not only the physical but also the spiritual and psychological effects of … Read More

Do I Need to Be Selfless?

Whatever you do in life attracts those conditions to yourself. If you set the example of selfishness, people will practice selfishness on you. Self-preservation is an instinct, but God gave you memory, intelligence, and imagination to understand the difficulties of others. True happiness lies in helping whoever crosses your path. Avoid evil selfishness, which is the root of all troubles … Read More

Are People Part of Nature?

Each of us has a living relation to the earth. Our bodies may be compared to the earth itself. The rivers are the arteries, the stars are the eyes, and the vegetation is the hair. The same chemicals that make up the earth also make up our bodies. Both our bodies and the earth have more water than solids. The … Read More

Why Is Life Hard?

Through life’s  challenges you learn life’s lessons. Challenges are not meant to crush you but to help you develop your powers. They come through the natural law of progress, so that you might advance from lower to higher levels of spiritual attainment. In order to pass life’s tests, you will need to develop elasticity of the mind.  Never allow your … Read More

What is True Prosperity?

True prosperity lies in being able to supply your mental and spiritual needs, as well as the physical. There is, however, a big difference between the things you need and the things you want. True prosperity means to have at your command the things that are necessary for your existence. Unfortunately, very few people understand what is truly necessary. Very … Read More

How Can I Feel Rejuvenated?

Rejuvenation means to live fully and to prolong youth to the end of your days. Some people have good bodies to start with, while others have always been sickly. This is due to past karma. You must know how to rejuvenate the body not only through proper diet, but through energy, by developing will power. You can bring energy into … Read More