What is meant by being "contented but not satisfied"?


Contentment has within it an element of cheerful renunciation. It also includes a keen realization of which possessions are really worthwhile. We attain contentment.  We are not born with it. Contentment and satisfaction do not come with wealth or the possession of things. The possession and care of things can become a real burden.

A created want or desire becomes an ongoing desire through habit. If a desire finds no prospect of immediate fulfillment, then pain arises. The more desires we have, the greater the possibility of pain because the more desires we have, the more difficult it is to fulfill them.

Why do we desire and long for things? Why do we yearn for states of mind and for soul qualities and attainments? It is because we remember that once we were perfect and it is for that long-lost perfection that we yearn. We are all children of God.

The yearning for our lost perfection, the urge to be the noblest, the most beautiful of which we are capable, is the creative impulse of every high achievement. We strive for perfection on earth because we long to be restored to our oneness with God.

We can begin to know God by first knowing ourselves, and as we grow in our knowledge of God, we advance in the knowledge of ourselves. It is the nature of God to express His perfection through man but man’s mind is so filled with the outer things of life that often there is no way for the inner Self to come forth.

True happiness comes only from being in tune with the Infinite just as lasting prosperity comes only by knowing the laws governing prosperity. Prosperity, however, may be swept away in an instant but no power can disturb your inner poise and knowledge once it has been attained. We gain strength by attuning our thoughts with the vibrations from God until, at last, like the wave that has become one with the ocean, we have become one with all Infinitude.

Purpose and Aim
Purpose and aim are qualities which can make or mar an individual’s life. If you have a driving purpose in life, you can tap into the resources of the Infinite for power, and if that driving purpose is in tune with the Divine, you will find your life growing richer and more fulfilling.

If, however, you fail while putting forth your best, your utmost cheerful effort, you have not failed. Get up and march on. You must be patient and persevering. Nothing is accomplished by those who are impatient or easily discouraged.

You may have every legitimate wish fulfilled in this life and enjoy all your possessions, provided you enjoy them with the consciousness of God. Supreme knowledge is within us. No outside agency can bring it to us or take it away from us.

The attainment of health, success, and happiness by material methods is limited and uncertain. However, you can learn: 1) how to receive health and energy from cosmic energy; 2) how to receive the power to create at will the things you need by learning the art of super-concentration; and 3) how to receive happiness through actual contact of the Infinite, the Supreme Inner Being.

From Inner Culture, January 1940.