Please explain the difference between Spirit and God.

—A Devotee

There is a great deal of confusion concerning the difference between Spirit and God. God is the Creator of the universe but Spirit is the Creator of God. Spirit existed before God. Spirit is that which was and always will be, whether or not the universe exists.

Spirit is motionless and vibrationless. It has no dimensions, no relativity. Knowing neither pleasure nor pain, it is beyond the relativity of the four mental states of pleasure, pain, temporary peace, and indifference. The fifth state is bliss, which is the only quality of Spirit. Bliss is deeper than peace and always new. Once you experience bliss, you will have experienced true spiritual consciousness and nothing else will ever satisfy you.

Spirit is nameless and formless. If you try to name Spirit, by that very process you limit it. Although Spirit is not knowable by the mind or understanding, Spirit can be experienced as bliss. When a dumb man eats honey, he cannot explain the nature of honey but he knows what it is. If you are one with Spirit and try to explain the nature of that experience, your language will limit Spirit and separate you from it.

Spirit divided itself into subject and object. What is the difference between subject and object? The spiritual vibration of Spirit, when objectified, produces material consciousness or matter. Everything is One but when that One differentiates itself into many, it takes on many forms and names.

Spirit created God, and God is the Creator of the universe. God is indestructible but He vanishes into Spirit with the periodic disappearance of the universe. If the universe exists, God exists. If not, God vanishes into Spirit.

God can be known through spiritual law and devotion to Him. Following the law will give you the knowledge of God, but you must never put law above God. Devotion, knowledge, action – each leads separately to the knowledge of God.

From Inner Culture, October 1940.