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The Psychology (and Secret) of Happiness

The Peaceful Secret “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.” — Pascal It was quite an eye-opener when I first heard this quote. What if everyone had the ability to sit with themselves for hours—free from any distractions that their surroundings had to offer? If everyone could be at peace with themselves, … Read More

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The Neuroscience of Self-Realization

We Are Divine Beings If we are, indeed, one with God in our divine Self, why don’t we know it? How can such a stupendous and powerful Reality that is our own high potential remain so thoroughly hidden from us? There are many answers to that question, but as I explore in my book, Break Through the Limits of the … Read More

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A Mindful Meditation and Conversation with the Brain

Intellectual people love the mechanism of the brain— Dear Brain, you are so wonderful. You let me think in a million ways… The brain is obviously very proud and happy about these words. On the other hand, those who meditate probably have a different conversation: Mr. Brain, you are simply a huge obstacle. Your restless mind is a constant nuisance … Read More

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Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate Frontier of Human Evolution

The universe appeared out of nowhere according to what some call science today. Everything fell into its own perfect place —matter, energy, and all the laws that govern them. Only a few of us take time to question this hypothesis but it is well worth the contemplation because the truth of this statement will have an impact on what kind of … Read More

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The Many Incarnations of Paramhansa Yogananda

An avatar and his Divine mission through the ages “Sir, are you an avatar?” a young Swami Kriyananda once asked Paramhansa Yogananda. With quiet simplicity, Yogananda replied, “A work of this importance would have to have been started by such a one.” (The New Path, Swami Kriyananda) What is an avatar? What “work of importance” was Yogananda referring to? Is there … Read More

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Did Master Water Down Kriya for the West?

It is not uncommon to hear people make the claim that Paramhansa Yogananda diluted the Kriya technique or that he changed it for Westerners. Sometimes it is done through a conscious intent to deceive and promote one’s own Kriya teacher and sometimes out of ignorance. Either way, it is an unfortunate sign that the world of Kriya Yoga is not … Read More

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The Magnificent Bird of Paradise

The Mystery of Suffering Your soul–the essence of your being, consists of pure bliss (sat-chid-ananda), as the great Masters teach us. But do you feel this bliss right now? Probably not. Instead, we all suffer, go through hard times, and have lives that can be amazingly tough. Why is that? How can that be? It seems impossible, given the inherent … Read More

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The Reasons I Need a Guru

Having a guru is the greatest blessing in the three worlds — causal, astral, physical.  - Adi Shankaracharya The concept of a guru or teacher was well established in my mind throughout my childhood. In India, every teacher is called a guru — whether one teaches painting or the path to finding God. At the age of four, I wanted to learn dance and was … Read More

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The Power of Expectation

In his youth, Swami Kriyananda discovered an amazing law of life – the Power of Expectation. He describes this law in The New Path: I hit upon what was, as far as I knew then, a novel theory: To be lucky, expect luck. Don’t wait passively for it to come to you, but go out and meet it halfway. With … Read More

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Going to the Mountain Is Going Home

This quotation of Muir captures the essence of his love for the California Sierra Nevada mountain range and passionately attests to the inspiration that enabled him to strive tirelessly to preserve their beauty. As I read these words colorfully painted on a bench alongside the forest path at our Meditation Retreat, I was immediately struck by their powerful relevance to … Read More