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Prayer-Demand for Removing the Cork of Ignorance

No more will I remain moving through the sea of cosmic consciousness—night and day, years, decades, and how many incarnations!—so close, yet never able to contact Thy sea.

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Three Benefits from Using Incense

Often, during meditation, nearby odors such as car exhaust, cooking, cigarette smoke, or even upholstery can be distracting to the mind, and may awaken mental associations that have nothing in common with the mood of inner upliftment.

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Kriya Yoga in Daily Life

Recently Swami Kriyananda gave two extraordinary talks on Kriya Yoga in Daily Life in Pune and Mumbai, India. You can listen to both talks on the Ananda website. People who are interested in receiving initiation into Kriya are often interested in what Kriya will do to deepen their meditation, and what kind of spiritual experiences they can expect through Kriya … Read More

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“Kriya Yoga Plus Devotion Works Like Mathematics”

Students of yoga often believe that yoga techniques alone can give one spiritual liberation, or moksha. But Paramhansa Yogananda taught that right attitude, discipleship to a true Guru, and deep devotion are just as important as yoga techniques, if not more so. Yogananda told a disciple, “Kriya Yoga plus devotion works like mathematics. It cannot fail.” I often tell people … Read More

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Revelations of Christ, Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda

Surveys of present-day Christians show that a high percentage of them feel shaken in their faith by scholarly claims that challenge the very authenticity of the Gospels.

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The Magic Carrot

Kalaha, which in Bengali means, “quarrel”, not only engaged in word-battles at the slightest pretext, she could also not bear to see the performance of any good action.

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Soul Journey: From Lincoln to Lindbergh

About 50 years ago Paramhansa Yogananda declared that Abraham Lincoln had been an advanced yogi in a previous lifetime, and that he had reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh.

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Letters of Encouragement

There is no tension between the teachings of Jesus and of Krishna, or of any of the great masters. The tension arises in our efforts to understand their teachings.