Is the World More Good or Evil?

Undoubtedly there is more good than evil in the world, but good deeds are not noticed as quickly as evil deeds. Shakespeare was probably right when he said, “The evil men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” This does not mean that we are not later punished for our sins and rewarded for our … Read More

Be Still and Know

“The soul cannot be confined within man-made boundaries. Its nationality is Spirit. Its country is Omnipresence.” – Paramhansa Yogananda Through our sixth sense, intuition, we can experience the truth of this statement. “Intuition is that power of Spirit inherited by the soul by which truth is perceived directly, without the medium of any other faculty. As the vastness of the … Read More

The Second Pension

Among the many thrilling spiritual possibilities shared in the Autobiography of a Yogi, surely one of the most captivating is the idea of a “second pension.” Paramhansa Yogananda learns about this pension from Swami Pranabananda, aka the “saint with two bodies,” when he visits the holy city of Benares at the age of twelve. The exchange between the exalted swami … Read More

Are People Part of Nature?

Each of us has a living relation to the earth. Our bodies may be compared to the earth itself. The rivers are the arteries, the stars are the eyes, and the vegetation is the hair. The same chemicals that make up the earth also make up our bodies. Both our bodies and the earth have more water than solids. The … Read More

Using Our Full Power

When faced with a challenge in life, right attitude is crucial. A negative outlook only blocks the energy, but when we have a positive approach and are willing to go to great lengths, nothing is impossible. When things get tough we need to gather all our energy and go full blast.

Do People Go to an Astral World After Death?

The infinite astral world is the true world. Everything in this world of ours was first conceived astrally. The blueprints of this world were created first in the astral world. This world has many limitations but the astral world has no limitations. We came from the astral world and we shall return to it after death, but why wait for … Read More

Is There Proof that God Exists?

We read about God in the various scriptures. We hear of His presence in the sermons of religious men and saints. We imagine Him behind the veils of beauty in Nature. We think about His existence through the logic within us. But all of these windows, through which we try to see God, are fitted with the opaque glass of … Read More

What Does “True Christianity” Mean?

True Christianity must not be confused with the forms that enclose it. It is neither Oriental nor Occidental, nor does it belong to Jesus alone. Spiritual truth is one. Interpreted by Christians, it is called “Christianity,” by Hindus, “Hinduism,” and so forth. Narrow-minded Christians and Hindus think that true Christianity and true Hinduism mean church or temple worship, thus mistaking … Read More