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Simplify Your Life

What is superstition? • Fascinating astrological and related instructions Master gave to his disciples • “It is easy to be spiritual if you follow a few rules” • SImplify your life • Don’t mix too much with others • “Seclusion is the price of greatness” • Yogananda teachings) a new expression of religion • Why materially poor Indians are generally … Read More

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This Life: Dream or Reality?

What does it take to have a relationship with someone also deeply serious on the spiritual path? • Master often compared life to a movie • What is the benefit of good karma, during this lifetime? • How much is this life a dream? How much should we relate to it as a reality? • Master’s concern for suffering in … Read More

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“The Thought That You Are Not Free Keeps You from Being Free”

Why did Yogananda sometimes go to the movies? • Movie theaters: symbolic of earthly life and God’s influence behind the changing scenes • “The thought that you are not free keeps you from being free” • “Samadhi is not something one needs to acquire. You have it already” (Conversations with Yogananda: 336-340)

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Why Overcome the Ego?

When did Yogananda achieve final liberation? • Is ego-consciousness the same as self-consciousness? • The story of Byasa, Krishna, and cheese • How should one act in the world? • Yogananda’s praise for Sister Gyanamata’s consciousness • Shouldn’t we develop our own will, and not submit always to our teacher’s will? • Casting out ego-consciousness • The inner relationship with … Read More

Ask Yogananda

Is the World More Good or Evil?

Undoubtedly there is more good than evil in the world, but good deeds are not noticed as quickly as evil deeds. Shakespeare was probably right when he said, “The evil men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” This does not mean that we are not later punished for our sins and rewarded for our … Read More