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The Higher Mathematics of Paramhansa Yogananda

Often I tell Kriya Yogis, particularly those who are mathematically challenged, that there is a  mathematical equation to memorize in order to achieve success on the path of Kriya. The equation is this: 25% of spiritual success comes by the devotee’s effort 25% comes by the guru’s effort on his behalf 50% comes by the grace of God —Paramhansa Yogananda … Read More

Yoga Philosophy

The Many Faces of Divine Mother

The Mother Aspect of God For centuries, across the world, there has been an imbalance that favors masculine energy. This is evident in the realms of religion, where God is generally described as “God the Father.” Paramhansa Yogananda tried to change this unilateral approach and used himself as an example. I myself worship the Mother aspect [of God] especially. For … Read More

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Chakras in Daily Life ⋆ Fiery Third Chakra ⋆ Class 3

The energy of the first two chakras can be unified and brought to a focus by their “older brother”, the third chakra; center of fiery self-control in the body. In this class, Asha talks in greater detail about the interrelationship of the first two chakras, and their corresponding spiritual disciplines, and how proper utilization of our vital willpower can potentiate … Read More

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The Inner Journey – Conference for Self-Transformation

From December 2nd to 9th – Join us for a weeklong exploration of the eight-fold Path of Self-Realization – the eight universal steps for higher consciousness. Throughout this week, experience for yourself spiritual states of consciousness as we offer a full immersion program that takes us deeper into the experience of this eight-fold system, bringing to life these timeless teachings … Read More

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Chakras in Daily Life ⋆ Higher Chakras ⋆ Class 4

The heart center; so often proclaimed as a pivotal chakra in the body. Whether our energy predominately moves upwards or downwards in the spine rests in large part to how we direct this powerful center. Upwards, it can lead us to expanded love, moving into the higher throat chakra of deep inner calmness. Downwards, it can scatter our life force … Read More

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Chakras in Daily Life ⋆ 1st & 2nd Chakras: Earth and Water ⋆ Class 2

The first and second chakras, often notorious for their downward pulling effects on man’s consciousness, how can we utilize their energies to their highest potentials? When directed properly, the first chakras capacity for the elemental quality of earth provides the necessary fixity for true understanding and accomplishment. Similarly, too, the second chakras fluidity, far from being merely the cause of … Read More

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Chakras in Daily Life ⋆ What Are the Chakras? ⋆ Class 1

In this first class, Asha Nayaswami lays the stage for a deeper foundational understanding of the chakras. Far more than just swirling colors and sounds, the chakras are the storehouses of all of our vrittis and karma (past tendencies and actions). Understanding that the pursuit of higher consciousness is the surest way to happiness is an essential cornerstone to transmuting … Read More