What is the cure for nervousness?

—A Devotee

There are two causes of nervousness: physical and mental. Physical causes are usually the result of over-eating or improper eating. All nerve cells are built from the food we eat.

Nervousness is the root cause of all diseases which affect mankind. Most people experience it but very few people understand the overall bodily damage it can cause. Fear, worry, and anger are the mental causes of nervousness.

The nerves are the wires of the bodily factory. Through these nerves we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The brain works through the cranial nerves and the heart nerves, which carry the life force that enables all the organs of the body to function.

When factory wires are destroyed, the factory is closed down until new wires are bought. With our bodies, however, we have only one set of nerves which, when burned out, cannot be replaced. Burned-out nerves can result in brain trouble, heart trouble, paralysis, and many other ailments due to the improper functioning of the nervous system.

This body factory was given us to produce four things — health, power, wisdom, and happiness. The person who is nervous is neither healthy, powerful, wise, nor happy.

When you are worried about something, you must first find out the cause, do your best to resolve it, and then laugh at the world. If you follow this advice, you will find that there is a law of God that will protect you. The cure for all nervousness is to be calm at all times and to do your best.

Fear is an unnecessary emotion. When you are afraid of anything, your heart nerves malfunction and you can easily develop leakage of the heart. You must not be afraid of anything. When you are angry, you burn up your brain cells.

Remember, God is always with you. The more you meditate and try to contact Him, the more you will find Him with you. When you have health, you want wealth, and when you have both, you want happiness. Nothing will really satisfy you until you find God.

Your nervousness will disappear when you realize that you are already one with God. Your spiritual Self is calling you every day. You must realize that you are not this flesh but the Spirit behind the flesh.

To be nervous is to be in Hades. To be calm is to be with God. Eat right, fast once a week, keep your spine straight, meditate regularly and attain perfect freedom from all nervousness.

From Inner Culture, March 1940.