How can I turn failure into success?


Whatever your position in life, it is you who put yourself there. Whatever you made yourself in the distant or near past, that is what you are now.

God never punishes or rewards you, for He has given you the power to punish or reward yourself by the use or misuse of your own reason and will. It is you who transgressed the laws of  prosperity and wisdom and punished yourself with poverty and ignorance.

One cause of failure is that you do not weigh your bad habits against the strength of will  required to combat them. Most people fail in attaining their material, mental, and spiritual desires because of a lack of definite purpose and sustained effort.

Extraordinary talent is not as necessary as unswerving purpose and unfailing application and effort. Do not continue to carry the burden of old mental and moral weaknesses, acquired in past years, but burn them in the fires of resolution and become free.

Remember that the right method of meditation is the only lasting way to all-round freedom and success. You must consciously contact God, and finding Him first, you will have attained dominion over yourself and all your limiting conditions.

From Inner Culture, June 1939.