How can I strengthen my will power?

—A Devotee

First, you must know the difference between “wish” and “will.” “Wish” is a desire, but “will” means desire plus energy. If you did not use your will power, do you know what would happen? You would have to lie down and not move at all. Even if you were simply to move your hand, you would be using your will power.

In order to develop will power, you must realize that behind your will is the will of God. As often as possible, determine to do one little thing which you think you cannot do. When you have accomplished that goal, go on to something slightly bigger. Keep on exercising your will power in this way. Use your will power in the routines of everyday life, in business, and in meditation. It is will power that has created everything, even your body.

The human will, when guided by error, leads to unfortunate results, but when your will is attuned to wisdom, it is guided by Divine Will. Before you will to do a thing, take the time to reason about it. Make sure that you are directing your will toward accomplishing something good and helpful not only to yourself, but also to others.

Carrying a thought with dynamic will power means entertaining that thought until it becomes an outward form. When your will power develops in this way, and when you can control your destiny by the exercise of will power, you can then do tremendous things.

From Inner Culture, November 1938.