Why is it important for all nations to be friends?

— J.G.

World friendship is the remedy for all the hatred and ignorance among nations, and also the means of equalizing prosperity in the world. Without world friendship, there will always be wars and many other evils.

Jesus had all the power of God at his command, yet he would not use it to destroy his enemies. He said, “Those who use the sword shall fall by the sword.”

There is but one God, and we are all His children. If we have an electric bulb that is blue and another that is brown, and still another that is white, each throwing off different colored lights — we do not say that the electricity is blue in one, brown in the other, and white in another. It is the same electricity flowing through all of them. So it is with all life. God’s light is flowing equally through all.

One day my Guru said to me, “Do you love all people alike?” I replied, “Yes, I think I do.” But I found that when my brother came to my school, I felt a greater love for him than for the others. Then I knew that my love was not yet perfect. But there came a time when I felt love for all equally. I then saw God in all people.

We must meditate upon God and be thankful to Him for life, health, and understanding. We are dependent upon Him for everything. As the ocean is just behind the wave, so the spirit of God is just behind our consciousness. That is why the Bible says, “All nations are made of one blood.” God made the people of all nations in His own image. He is a true Christian who loves God in all people, no matter what their color or nationality.

It is the unity of hearts that can bring about world friendship. Live the spirit of brotherhood. That is the solution, with each of us contributing to that spirit. The different races have been created by God so that, in time, we may see beyond our differences and bring out the hidden unity of God.

From Inner Culture, March 1940.