Why is it that when we know we need to be out of bed early that will be the day the alarm doesn’t go off?

This happened to me this morning. I especially wanted to rise at 04 30 to allow for a long meditation and to get some chores out of the way before I set up for the Ananda Meditation Group meeting scheduled for this morning. But no. I realized that I set the alarm for ‘pm’ rather than ‘am’. So, far from having plenty of time, I told my self that God would, in the circumstances, have to be satisfied with only 48 kriyas and a brief meditation (I usually give a full mala round (108) of kriya and have a really long meditation).

God, however, had a better idea!

As I sat and began my kriyas I immediately began to receive great bliss. Not an unusual circumstance in itself, but the bliss increased in intensity so greatly that when I had completed the 48th kriya I knew I must carry on. The lure was so great that all else became of little import.

The bliss was at such a pitch that a peculiar thing happened. It was as though Guru had lifted me beyond the conventional concept of time to a place where it could be manipulated. Before I knew it I had completed a full mala round of kriyas that, to me, seemed to take literally no more than 10 minutes. Impossible! But there was the Guru bead. I had completed a full mala round that usually takes about 54 minutes if I get my timing right. I then continued into deep meditation, still in this beatific state. The bliss did not come and go in waves of increasing and decreasing intensity, as it would normally. This was full on, unwavering Bliss!

I had the most wonderful meditation that seemed to go on for hours, yet I new I only had about 25-30 minutes before my meditation alarm went off. How could this be, unless Guru had manipulated my concept of time, or rather had dispelled part of its illusion?

At the end of the meditation I looked at the clock. No more Than an hour and 15 minutes had gone by. I felt I must record this account whilst still fresh in my mind. It is now late afternoon and the Bliss is still with me. One of the more sensitive meditation group members said to me that she sensed I was in a very good place, at the meeting this morning. I had not mentioned this experience to anyone at that time.

God so loves His children and proves His love to us in countless ways. I like to think that He knew my intent to rise early was sound, but took pity on me for my foolish error in setting the clock wrongly. I bet if I were to ask every sincere devotee at Ananda what blessings they had received today, they would all have a tale to tell. The blessings coming to me, my gurubhais (fellow disciples of the same guru) and of those that so apparently avail Swami Kriyananda, there are only 3 words for it.

Amazing Grace indeed!

Joy to you




  1. blank

    Dear Maitreyi,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder of how when we put out the effort with right intention wether we fail or or succeed, God and Guru still will reach down to help us and shower us with grace for our act of trying.


  2. Oh, Sue it was an uplifting experience to read your story again!

    Thank you for that.


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