It has been a busy summer here so far. And in the midst of it all we took a breath and celebrated the marriage of two dear friends.

Peter & Hassi planned their wedding for July during a time when Ananda is typically very hot. And it was. However, when the wedding started and the sun began to dip behind the trees a cooling breeze blew over Lotus Lake and the amphitheater at The Expanding Light. The depth and joy of the evening had us thinking only of these two souls making a divine commitment to each other. Friends and family were very touched by the sweetness of the ceremony and the peace of this heavenly setting.

Our Ananda Wedding Ceremony, written by Swami Kriyananda, is filled with music, affirmation and vows to God and each other. Here is an excerpt from the vows in the ceremony.

Beloved Lord,
We dedicate to Thee our lives, our service, and the love we share.

May the communion we find with one another lead us to inner communion with Thee.

May the service we render one another perfect in us our service of Thee.

May we behold Thee always enshrined in one another’s form.

In every test of love, may we seek They loving hand.
In any disagreement, may we seek Thy loving guidance.

May or love not be confined by selfish needs, but give us strength ever to expand our hearts until we see all human beings, all creatures, as our own.
(from the Ananda Wedding Ceremony)

I hope you enjoy these photos from this special event. Bless you, Hassi and Peter.



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