Dear all – I wanted to share with you some of the new recordings we’ve been working on these past few months, combined with others to make up a full Ananda Christmas music experience! We’ll be releasing the CD later in 2012, so please forgive imperfections in these, like the volume being too loud or soft. Happy listening!

The Christ Child’s Asleep

That Night When Christ Was Born

Looking for a Friend

Christmas Mystery 12-19

God Is Truth, God Is Love

Mother of Wisdom

To Mary there Came

The Annunciation

The Light that Was Christ

Fear Not Zacharias

Mary and Elizabeth Meet

Hail Mary

Shepherds Awake!

Shepherds’ Grotto

Christ Has Come

Three Wise Men

Sing Out With Joy

When Human Hopes Toward Thee Aspire

Thy Light Within Us Shining


  1. I heard Thy Light within us Shining. Its absolutely beautiful! Its sounds heavenly. Thank you for sharing!


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