Ananda Village

Swami Kriyananda’s visit brought deep inspiration and joy to the hundreds of devotees who gathered to honor their beloved teacher and friend.

During his 81st birthday celebration weekend, June 8-10, a radiant Swami Kriyananda said, “If my life has a fulfillment, it is two-fold. One, a bliss I always feel. The other is you all, and people like you, all over the world.”

Speaking at the Joyful Arts Festival, June 14-17, Kriyananda underscored a theme of his visit: “No matter how many mistakes you make, you can still rise. God will always love you.” At the close of Sunday Service at the outdoor amphitheater, he individually blessed over 400 devotees.

Six long-awaited marble statues of the Ananda line of gurus (two are life-size), created by Indian artisans, arrived from India during Kriyananda’s visit. During the July 12 dedication ceremony at Hansa Temple, Kriyananda prayed that these statues be “living windows” to reach out and touch people everywhere.

Seattle temple dedication

In Seattle, Washington, Kriyananda dedicated Ananda’s first “temple of light” in America on June 23. Modeled after the temple in Assisi, Italy, this beautiful octagonal building, with its “opalescent” domed ceiling, has already become a powerful magnet for Seattle-area truth seekers.

Los Angeles book launch

Capping Kriyananda’s visit was the extraordinarily successful launch of his new book, Revelations of Christ, Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda, at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles July 21. More than 1100 people attended.

At the close of the evening, Kriyananda was presented with two awards: 1) the “2007 Pioneer in Yoga” award, given by the Los Angeles Yoga Fellowship for “blazing a spiritual trail which leads to the highest goal – yoga: scientific union with Spirit;” and 2) the “Beacon of Light Lifetime Achievement Award,” presented by the National InterFaith Council for “outstanding and tireless spiritual work for mankind across our planet.”

The next day, Kriyananda led the blessing to mark the official opening of “Ananda Los Angeles.” Ananda ministers and center leaders, Krishnadas and Mantradevi LoCicero, introduced the Ananda Los Angeles team and announced upcoming satsangs and classes.

Jewel in the Lotus performances

There were performances of Swami Kriyananda’s play, Jewel in the Lotus, in Seattle, June 22, and in Encinitas and Malibu, CA, July 25 and 26. With its universal message, this play is fast becoming a classic.

A parting message

At his good-bye satsang at Ananda Village July 25, Kriyananda gave this parting message: “At Ananda, we’re here to do God’s will. Everything else is secondary.”

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