Dear ones,

My name is Medardo Vargas Muñoz. I am an architect in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico. I am a Bramachari (1) at heart.

“Truth simply is, it cannot be created. Everyone has to perceive it in the Self within.” These are the words by my Guruji Yogananda, which stir my mind, a mind that is avid and likes to question everything.


Gardens outside Ananda Center in Lazaro Cardenas

Since my early childhood I had always wanted to be an architect. In my mind I had built a big white structure. It was divided into seven parts: a beautiful home for my mother, and one for each of my five brothers and myself. It was situated on a farm, and had beautiful gardens. In the center there was a big living room to celebrate Christmas.

That is how I grew up: thinking about giving to others, and how to change everything from darkness into light. In this way God prepared me to receive my Guru, whose soul is all-inclusive, and who achieves everything he has set out to do.

My soul rejoices with the mere mention of His name. I’m committed to his service, in the same way I serve Jesus, God, and you all.

And what can I do with that joy? Serve, love unconditionally, and share with others. The Ananda Center in my young city (Lazaro Cardenas is only 60 years old) was born from these principles.

Lazaro Cardenas is located in the Rio Balsas delta, and is bathed by the Pacific Ocean. Our busy city is not just any city anymore. Now it is blessed by God, our Guru, and the Yoga Masters.


Ananda Center

I have very vivid memories of the day I found the Center building. It was a dusty, forgotten, “full of nothing” yet joyful, day. That was the day God gave us a place to dedicate to Him and His service. Nothing was easy, but it was very inspiring.

Now it is a beautiful place where you can breathe calmness, hope, and peace. Many devotees have come here. I know Guruji will bring many more. Children have also arrived (2). They are my hope, my promise, and inspiration.

The luminescent inner star follows its course, always leading ahead. Right behind it, I follow its steps. I hear its voice and feel its warmth and love. Now it has taken me to another beautiful place, forgotten and marked by the imprint of time.


Ananda Ashram

The area, at its peak, was one of the most desired places to live in the city. The building had been abandoned, but it looked like it was waiting for a better future. We have rescued it and brought back its splendor. We are creating a better destiny for it: the path of prayer, chanting, and meditation. medardo4.jpg

Meditation room

Now you can visualize a beautiful Ashram (3). It’s like a diamond in the mud that is reclaiming its shining light. It won’t be easy. It’s going to be a challenge, but at the same time, it will be a place for inspiration.

I can see it full of joy, with flowers and wonderful magic, crowned with a high blue dome. Not just any dome — it will be a large beacon for peace, harmony, and divine union. I can hear a deep bell: it’s the sound of Ananda, uniting people and countries, sowing magic and love.

I always dream of a world without borders: riding on our camels of love, bringing gifts in our hearts to the Christ-child within. There is nothing better we can offer Him than following the star of our inner heart. One day we will arrive at the city of Bethlehem of Self-realization. I too, will see my King!




1. Bramachari: Sanskrit for a dedicated spiritual seeker who practices celibacy
2. Medardo teaches yoga to children whose parents attend Ananda Center.
3. Ashram: Sanskrit for a place where devotees live and worship together.

Editor’s note:
Medardo organized a Kriya Yoga retreat  in Lazaro Cardenas this fall with  Anaashini Alzate and Dave Warner from Ananda Village.


Dave and Medardo: amigos in God!


Anaashini is blessing the retreat participants


Ananda Mexico Kriyabans


  1. wonderful…I live in Spain (Mallorca) I might visit you in a few years…

  2. I am so happy to learn that Ananda has an ashram in Lazaro Cardenas! My husband is from Acapulco, and we visit every couple of years…hopefully someday we can go to Lazaro Cardenas too! Muy buena suerte en todo, y que Gurudeva los bendiga.

  3. dear friend,

    best of luck and love ,many blessings and happiness to you there.

    don’t give up, the miracle is only five minutes away

    ask for miracles, it is OK to ask for miracles

    great success and JOY to you all


  4. Dear Merardo. Knowing your story is ver inspiring to me. I live in Costa Rica, and my hope is to visit Ananda. Maybe, knowing that there is an Ananda Center in Mexico, nearer to Costa Rica I can visit you.

    Muchas bendiciones y que Dios te siga dando la fuerza de inspirar a otros.

  5. Such a uplifting story and so appropriate to the Holiday Season. Your dedication and spirituality is energizing and inspiring to everyone who reads your story. I just returned from 10 days of performing volunteer work at the Expanding Light in Northern California. I am still enjoying the gentle loving feeling from my time there.

    Perhaps my construction skills could be of value to you as well in the future. Believe…and it will happen!!! Blessings.

  6. Beautiful, Medardo–the Center, your vision, & your inspiring story. Thanks! In Master’s light, Dambara

  7. Hi Medardo, it’s so great to hear of what you are doing. Very inspiring! One day I would love to see an altar like the one you have, here in New Zealand! In Divine Friendship, Bhakti.

  8. Good work! May God and Guru continue to inspire
    you folks down in Mexico.
    God bless.

  9. Beautiful. May God and guru bless you as his instrument.

    Many Blessings,
    Chandi Holliman

  10. Dear Medardo,
    I was moved to tears by your story…the grace of Our Guru and all the Masters permeating your consciousness to give so lovingly to God and to creating a beautiful ashram and place of Hope and Light and Joy to all. I struggle to know what my own dharma is and reading this was very uplifting and inspiring. I hope to visit Lazaro Cardenas one day. May the expanding light of christ consciousness bless each of you!

    In Master’s love, Joycee

  11. medardo, your report warms my heart! I was in Guatemala 5 weeks this year 09 and felt that Master’s ray and Ananda could make many people very happy in Central America. I taught Ananda Yoga to children there – as I do in Connecticut.
    I would like to visit you in the not so distant future….
    Please contact me whether this is possible.
    Jai guru1 Joy and Light,
    Leonore Alaniz

  12. Medardo, I don’t know how to word this.. first I’d like to say thank you for your service and love to our fellow brothers and sisters. You are a beautiful soul.

    My spiritual journey truly began in 2005 (at age 15)when I read Autobiography of a Yogi. At age 19, practicing kriya yog, reading, and meditating everyday – placing 95% of my effort into my spiritual ascension – I am now ready to go 100%. Living in the middle of materialism, I have been looking for an ashram for quite a while; one where I can find peace, practice Kriya yog, meditate deeply, and ascend spiritually so that I may better shine forth the Light of God from within, that I may discover my true calling to truly help others.

    I have looked at many ashrams online, and many have appealed to me. But reading this story, looking at these pictures – I felt an upwelling of blissful emotion – which I know now to be spiritual joy pouring forth from my heart center. I believe there is a strong possibility that I am meant to go to Lazaro Cardenas…

    No puedo hablar espanol perfectamente, pero yo puedo comunicar. Tengo un cuerpo fuerte, soy un cocinero bueno y yo estoy muy dedicado a Dios y a la gente del mundo. Soy una persona bien amable y generosa. Creo que yo seria una adicion agradable al Ashram =).

    Entonces, please contact me, brother! I am going to Espanola, New Mexico for a Summer solstice spiritual gathering, and would love to come to you afterwards..

    Peace, Love, and blessings.


  13. Hi!
    Great news to me, knowing that you are here, in Mexico, not so far from me. I live in Acapulco. I’m dedicating my life to the spiritual action since 2007. I heard of Ananda Centers many years ago and the idea that one day I would go to one of tem, actually happenned last Fall.

    Well. Last October, I went to ANANDA ASSISI, in Italy, for a five day creative meditation course. I’m so happy I did it that I started to look for a closer center. I’m very happy that humanity is awaikening now!

    I work now at a Spitual Temple in Acapulco and I never being so happy in my actual life.

    Congratulations, Medardo and everyone there. God Bless you all.

  14. Namastte, swami ji i am so happy now i have been become member of anand sangha but i didnt take yet membership but i am going to take from lazaro it makes me more glad by the great mercy of our swami ji,,,,

  15. Hi There: Are you still in the same place in Mexico. Is Anashani with you there. The last comment seems to be a long time ago.

    Joy, Prakriti

  16. Medardo ~ I hope this reaches you in good health and spirits. Wouldm you update us about the center you created? Is the Sangha well, growing? You have God’s Love and the Blessings of the Masters. Your gurubais wish you well, and they are curious how your work evolves.

  17. Medardo, Do you welcome Visitors / Helpers ? Joy to you !~ ~ ~. Leonore

  18. blank

    Hi Leonore,

    Unfortunately Medardo (later called Yogindra) passed away recently, so currently there isn’t an ashram. Our Ananda Espanol website: might have some more up-to-date information about what is happening there.


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