I recently completed the Yoga Teacher Training course at the Expanding Light. It was an amazing month filled with great joy and laughter, profound wisdom, and personal growth.

Shenoa, Me, Lori and Kelly. Thank you, dear friends, for the joy and the laughter.

Some of my fellow trainees/teachers/friends on a hike to Bald Mountain

The program was an incredible experience. It was a blessing to receive a broader and deeper understanding of yoga in all its aspects. I was blessed to go on this inward journey with a wonderful and inspiring group of people. Even after a week of the program I couldn’t hardly believe that I had only known them such a short time. It was a month of learning together, growing together, and laughing till our cheeks hurt too much to continue (and then laughing a little more). It is a great joy to meet people from all walks of life and all ages that share this deep common interest and love of yoga.

taken on Bald Mountain during a hike a group of us took after our graduation.

Triangle Pose on Bald Mountain

Even though I already “knew” these teachings of yoga and meditation, the program broadened and deepen my understanding in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. It also made me grow. With one week left in the program I felt like I had given it everything I had. I felt like I was being stretched (haha) beyond what I could handle.

I started thinking, Why was I putting myself through all this? Why did I want to be yoga teacher anyway? I found myself wishing I could just find God by staying in my little cabin in the woods. I asked Trimurti (who leads the Karma Yoga program) if he had a few minutes to talk. I told him how I felt like I didn’t have what it takes to be a yoga teacher and explained what I was going through.

Trimurti helped remind me of the bigger picture. There was only a small bit of time till I completed the program, then I would be able serve people in this way. A weight began to lift off my shoulders and a veil lifted from my mind.

I began to remember the reason I had taken this program in the first place. It was to serve Master and help spread these teachings. It was to be a channel for His light in the world. Me be a channel? There had been some self-limiting part in my mind saying “Who me? Who am I to be a channel? I’m just a simple devotee. I can’t do that.”

And so I pushed the thought of me being a teacher away. But, in that talk with Trimurti, the tide was turned (bless you Trimurti). I was able to accept that I could in fact be a channel for Master in the world. I again saw this training then on the much broader scale of life-purpose. I wasn’t just trying to become a yoga teacher. I was trying to become a better channel for the Light. Now that was a cause I could get behind with my whole body, mind, heart and soul.