Through Nature’s hills and wooded vales,
The plenitude of Thee, unveiled,
Drives Thy spear into my heart
At wonderment of this, Thou art.
Such peace, the like born of no other,
That reaches out to world, my brother.
No separateness of sky to man,
For all commune as One Great Clan;
Beloved, I feel Thee in this space,
All earth reflects Thy hidden face,
Thy love’s caress as gentle lamb,
Or force so strong to shake the land.
O joy as realization dawns,
I Am All That, and more… much more…

Greetings dear friends,

This beautiful poem, given to us by Divine Mother, I have named ‘Communion’, and I thought to share it and my thoughts with you.

I have done a lot of air travel recently. I met with great disruption on more than one occasion due to the volcanic plume originating in Iceland that was wreaking havoc amongst so called ‘British’ air space and the rest of Europe. It brought home very clearly that man does not own the sky, nor does he have the slightest control of Nature’s forces. We are totally at God’s mercy.

Each time I look out of the window of the airplane after take off, and again before landing, I marvel in wonder at the bespeckled houses and communities below. It seems utterly fantastic that the higher the altitude of the aircraft, the smaller all below me becomes until people appear smaller than the tiniest ants: Infinitesimal in the inconceivable and titanic scheme of multi-planed universes.


The plenitude of Thee, unveiled

In my musings, the airplane represents the soul; the silent, but constant witness in the sky of infinite consciousness: The pilot representing the Guru, in Whom one can have no choice but to trust completely. I likened the airplane’s soaring high into the sky to my own meditations. The deeper in meditation, or the higher in consciousness I go, the smaller and more insignificant the ego appears, until it disappears altogether.

I studied the clouds and likened them to worldly thoughts floating in the sky of Bliss. When flying through clear blue sky there is a tranquil beauty, peace and equilibrium. The odd white ‘fluffy’ puffs benignly by. I am the observer watching them drift slowly by till out of sight. Steady on my course, I, ever the silent witness. Even when a dark cumulus nimbus looms threateningly ahead I am unaffected. Dark as night at the centre and not resting until it unleashes its tempest in fury as a deluge on all below (in lower consciousness). As the plane, guided by the pilot, flies through its centre it is thrown and buffeted about by its turbulent energy currents in attempt to violate the peace and equilibrium for the duration of passage. But still I silently observe trusting the pilot is guiding me to the right course in all situations. The sky clears. Peace reigns once more.


No seperateness of sky to man

Yet even more fantastical than the fact that humans would appear so insignificant in God’s vast creation is that each puny human being actually thinks that he or she is centre of it! How can it be that each of us, so minute and insignificant a particle in creation, has this over-stated delusion of grandeur? Why are we so arrogant as to think ourselves as significant at all? Yet are we really so deluded?

It struck me that of course we think we are the centre of our own universe because inherent in us all, at soul level, is the superconscious knowing that centre is everywhere, circumference nowhere. We all feel we are the centre, BECAUSE WE ARE THE CENTRE! There is truly only one Centre and we all belong to It. We have a dim and distant memory of our true state that has been veiled and distorted by maya (creation). This manifests as a feeling of importance buried deep in our subconscious. This is the delusion. As we are not yet permananently living in the superconscious state we think that we, as egos, are individually central, unable to perceive that our neighbour, whether next door, on the other side of the world or in a different galaxy altogether is also living in the same centre as we are, as God, pervading all, in unity with all. He is the real centre underlying all beings.

I understand how God can love us all equally and impartially, because we are all a part of His great whole where all is well. How could we love one finger more than another finger on our own bodies. It would be absurd.

My musings continued on the ground. It’s so easy to see God in nature; to see and feel that divine thread running through all, linking ‘sky to man’? Not so easy to see it in inanimate objects in the city rather than in stunning Himalayan scenery. It’s not so easy to feel communion with God when looking at a street sign, or a concrete building is it?


One Heart pervading every nook…

I struggled, knowing intellectually that God indeed does pervade every nook, yet I couldn’t feel Him in these seemingly ugly things. “Where are You here, Beloved?”, “How can I feel Your presence in that?” I asked. This one-sided intimate discourse continued as I was walking round my local town. I stared at objects trying to feel God in them, when all of a sudden a revelation! Suddenly I didn’t feel the discourse was one-sided.


No place forgot…

I, or rather my higher Self began to say, “…but that street sign is manufactured from God’s gift of raw materials. God, through man, has designed that sign from inspiration. God, through man, has manifested it into a useful object; has created it from a mere thought. Paramhansa Yogananda said that as we look upon creation, which appears so solid and real, remember always to think of it as ideas in the mind of God, frozen into physical forms.


…no one forsook


All earth reflects Thy hidden face…

Now it is evident that I am saying nothing new here and that every Master who has ever lived would speak of such things to his disciples, but there is a difference between hearing a truth, and actually recognizing it as truth within. When we come to a realization, it is usually sudden and prompts one to thinking, “Of course! Why couldn’t I see it before? We all know truth; it’s just that we have forgotten.

I continued to look around, applying this newly felt principle to all I could see: to office buildings, to cars, to gaudy advertisements, to rubbish bins. For the first time I was truly feeling God in all things and seeing a certain beauty in the infinitely diverse array of ‘man-made’ creation.


O joy as realization dawns,
I Am All That, and more… much more…”

My musings continue…

Joy to you




  1. Dear Tyagi Sue,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem and your thoughts as you travel and see God in Everything.

    Seeing God in everything is a wonderful way for us to tune in every day, throughout each day, to see beyond the veil.

    I appreciate you sharing this and plan to spread it further here in Sacramento. I am leading a class at the Sacramento Sangha this month based on Swami’s book “God is for Everyone” and your beautiful writing will provide inspiration to all.

    Thank you.


  2. Great post. You described God in everything beautifully. It’s good to be conscious of these things when we do see things in a city, or things that are not pleasing to the eye. All forms are God’s thoughts, then mans, then manifestation.
    Thanks so much for thoughts.
    Many Blessings,

  3. I like your musings…….I can see reflection of what you have seen, observe about mother divine.
    Thanks for sharing.

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