The walls before the pour...

The walls before the pour…

In the past 2 weeks the foundation was completed, culminating in a 40 yard concrete pour on July 2nd. A dozen or more skilled workers were on site to place the concrete and finish it off. We had a wonderful crew to do all the foundation work and there was harmony and joy all around. Now we move on to installing steel decking to support the floor slabs and install the beginnings of the steel structural frame. Jai Guru Jai!



  1. Thank you so much for capturing for everyone the progress on this inspired project.
    With joy,

  2. Amazing what you all have accomplished already! It’s a joy to see this sacred mandir taking shape.

  3. It’s coming together nicely. What fun pictures – it looks like you have a hearty team, too =)
    Keep up the good work!~

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