The Ring....

The Ring….

After finishing with the concrete pour last week, the carpentry crew of Cullen Lewis Construction took over the job site to begin the framing. They installed the steel beams and columns in the lower level and erected the steel columns at the 8 corners of the Mandir. The glu-lam beams between all the columns together were erected and the pan deck installed on the floor…. next week we pour the floor slabs! Now we will really get a feel for the building.
One interesting note… as buildings are constructed, they seem to change in size…. large, small, large again, small again, etc. When the forms for the foundation were being built, it seemed large. Now that the columns are up, it seems small… next, after the floor slab, it may feel large again! After all, it’s only a dream…..

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  1. Wow! Loved seeing the photo series of the posts and beams going into place. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Jai Guru!

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