The Eternal Flame close up

The Eternal Flame close up

We are getting down to the final details of the Mandir. This week was thrilling as the Eternal Flame Altar was created in sculptured glass and acrylic. Tejendra in Assisi had an inspiration-vision of Swamiji about a flame like altar piece. The concept has been evolving over the past month, and last week it came to fruition.
The creation of the Flame took seven straight hours of glass sculpting, with six people working in harmony to make it happen. With three glass sculptures and three devotees, we kept the molten piece alive as it emerged from the ether. We played Swami’s music and inwardly prayed during the entire process. There was certainly grace present all day!
The arched acrylic legs were also produced in the past weeks and on Friday, we brought the two together in the Mandir. Jyotish and Devi were present and were thrilled with the beauty and inspiration of the Eternal Flame Altar. We still have to install the LED lighting in the piece, but the initial look at the installation was inspiring to all.
As we get closer to the dedication of the Mandir, Swamiji’s presence is ever present in the Mandir and around the site. Many tears have already been shed by those feeling Swamiji’s blessings permeating the memorial. We hope you can come and share in the joy on May 16th.

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  1. What a wonderful idea, the Eternal Flame is so beautiful, and so full of light, I think its captured Swamajis essence so magically. I’m sure it will shine on for many many many years to come.

  2. I love the eternal flame concept. I have seen it in many paths of the world and I find it it describes the one conciousness being broadcasted in a multitude of receptor we call the forms of life. One mind in all. Om shanti to all my siblings of Ananda May Divine Mother and our beloved Guru bless all of us.

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