Cobalt blue mosaic tiles shimmer in the fall sun.

Cobalt blue mosaic tiles shimmer in the fall sun.

Things are moving forward on all fronts as the finish materials are starting to be installed. The walls and dome were insulated with spray foam and batts. Then the sheet rock was hung… quite a process to curve the sheet rock on the dome, but an excellent job done by all!
The most exciting aspect was the blue mosaic tile being placed on the domes… it’s going to be beautiful. The men installing it are true craftsmen who spent 2 weeks preparing the dome, and now we see the result as the tile is installed – gorgeous! The exterior was finalized for stucco, which begins on Monday, and the rock walls continued to unfold… an eventful week. Jai!!


  1. Absolutely a beautiful work of art and love! Thx for sharing the update!

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