Mandir in the fall mist...

Mandir in the fall mist…

Now we are down to the finishes, both interior and exterior. The interior trim is installed, and the painters are preparing the surfaces for the first coats of paint. The radiant heated floor is operational, so the interior is in good condition. The exterior stucco is moving forward with the “brown coat”, which will be followed in a few weeks by the final color coat.  The stone walls keep moving forward, so everything is progressing on schedule…..AUM!

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  1. I was so very very lucky to have been visiting my best friend and yoga teacher on 3/29/15 and she told me that the garden was opening early…we got there at 12:00..oh my god!!!I think I am in heaven!!! down to the smell…I am a gardener at Lake Tahoe Wellness Center…I thought I was so lucky to live where I do!!I do believe this is the LARGER Wisteria!!! I couldn’t stop taking picturesss!!! We were there for a few hours and took over 500 of them…I wish I could send some to you… all my friends wanted to come to see Heaven!!. 3 of then went last weekend and couldn’t believe it too!!! My sister is coming out from Pueblo,Colo. She will be here from the 4/22nd to 4/25th will the flowers still be going OFF!!! Love to bring her here.. will the Wisteria still be flowering?? We had a great lunch at the store and eat outside, it was the best day ever I shall remember it for ever, even the smell!!! and shall be back hopefully soooon!!! lindalee

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