Kay applying the portofino finish.

Kay applying the portofino finish.

This was a great week for interior finishes as we were abused by a major storm for several days (but we’ll take the rain – thank you!). Walls were preped and letters for the quotes installed, ready for the final finishes. Kay Perrett came in from Seattle to apply the faux finish on the interior walls. She had previously worked on the Temple of Light in Seattle, so she’s part of the family. She completed all her beautiful portofino finish in the four days she was here and left us with an awesome interior space!
Ramprashad continued on with the stone walls – when it wasn’t raining or blowing at 60 mph – and is making good progress.
The Mandir held up well to the torrential winds and rains, so we have made it through our first big weather test…. now we will concentrate on the interior and let the exterior wait for good weather to return.

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  1. I’m so honored to have contributed to this lovely space. My part went very smoothly thanks to the preparation done before I arrived.
    I am grateful to all involved (you know who you are!) for your kindness and care while I was there. The time went so fast!
    Good luck on the rest of the project.

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