On the spiritual path, there is an interesting balance to be struck. For if one renounces the world in his search for God, it is easy to get into a mindset that emphasizes noninvolvement in outward activity. And if one is too involved in outward activity, how can one make inward spiritual progress? When am I truly content (a supreme virtue, mind you!), and when am I being complacent, not really eager to think bigger and rise up to is being asked of me? The answer seems not so simple. Here’s my journey of the past 6 weeks:

If you read my past blog on the Spiritual Benefits of Juice Fasting, you’ll know that right after Christmas we began juicing. I did 11 days, and my wife did 21, and now we are juicing in the mornings, having salads for lunch, and yummy raw food entrees for dinner.

What a difference it has made – not just the weight loss for my wife, but the energy and mental clarity it has given me. We are now waking up a full 2 hours earlier than we did last year, and meditating together deeply before Caitlin wakes up. Right there is my reason for rejoicing!

Our consciousness has also been changing dramatically – one example is that we are more able to avoid watching too many videos, and can easily turn off videos that are lower in consciousness than what we’d like, rather than suffering through with the thought that “it might get better.”

Along with the mental clarity has come new levels of inspiration as well. I’ve been working on future classes such as The Sacred Art of Listening, Superconscious Performance, and The Spiritual Path of Music, which has nudged me into thinking about all that can be shared concerning listening, music, and consciousness – online courses, blogs, ebooks, videos, everything!

What is so funny to me is that just 2 months ago, I was content with what I was doing. Now I feel that God is calling me to do a broader work. In the past I’ve had the inspiration to do these things, but have thought “Yes, that would be nice, but…sigh…I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment to even consider it.” Now it seems like if I don’t start following the inspiration, I won’t be honoring my dharma.

My concern is that I might get caught up in the doings of everything, and loose track of what I really want to accomplish in this life — to find God. Will these next changes take me more into ego-involvement? At what point is it better to say “No, I’d better not, because that path is fraught with peril,” and just continue to live in what could feel like a narrower scope of life that doesn’t ask as much of me outwardly? I think I’d better say yes to this one, all the while keeping God at the center. I’m being asked to raise my energy once again.

In the department of nutrition (by the way, my wife Madhavi (Michele) will be starting her training as a Certified Nutritional Coach in March!), I have been of course very enthusiastic, and it has been difficult to watch my friends and family continue to suffer from low energy and health and weight issues. However, along with that enthusiasm came the climb onto the high horse of self-righteousness. I found myself thinking “My way’s best! Everybody should juice!” It was making me more and more rigid and uncomfortable.

So I told my wife “Honey, I need to go figure out my life – I may be a while.” I sat down on the back deck to journal, to reset my attitudes, when the words “Live in harmony” came to me. I could tangibly feel that harmony in my heart, and that is above all what I wish to express.

It was that simple! Madhavi looked shocked when I came back in 5-minutes later. With that reconciliation, I woke up this morning filled with even more enthusiasm to share Yogananda’s teachings through my direct experiences of music and consciousness. I truly hope that I can serve God through this expanded calling, and not get caught in the net of delusion. Wish me luck!


  1. Thank you for your post. I was reminded as I read that I do not have to go anywhere buy inward with a space of gratitude to find the connection to God. I like the idea of juicing, where did the two of you begin?

    1. Hi Mimi – here are two good websites we used: juicmaster.com and jointhereboot.com, and were first inspired by the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. There are six of us here at Ananda who did it together, which was really helpful.

  2. There is no doubt that God & Guru are already using your substantial talents for higher consciousness, whether for others or yourself! I too have just experienced a sudden lifting of old karmic thoughts and self-imposed weighted judgements (could it really be, in part, the juicing? I think so!); now I am considering reaching new frontiers, at the same time with more balance and harmony. And compassion for all. Great post/blog David!

  3. Thank you for sharing your newest quest for inner joy. You have a gift and I am so thankful you are continuing to expand your consciousness and share it with all.

    Joy to you,


  4. Thanks for sharing this. It just might motivate me to try it out or at least improve my current diet.

  5. Thanks, Davidji! Good luck–and may that inspiration rub off on us as well. Joy! Dambara

  6. What a wonderful post! I am inspired by you and others at Ananda and look forward to my own juicing future. Thanks for sharing :) Blessings~

  7. Thank you very much for that wonderful post. I am going to begin a mostly raw food diet in one week and am really inspired by how simple it can be. I normally eat well, but going to a 75-90% raw food diet seems like a revitalizing opportunity that I am eager to dive in to. Thank you again for the inspiration you have provided and good luck with your expanded calling!

  8. Thanks for your last two posts – very encouraging. I just bought a juicer after watching the same movie and reading your last blog entry. I completely fell off my juice fast the first week, but am trying again! – the kids love the fruity foam! – Thanks & blessings!

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