If this film doesn’t express the highest vibration, I don’t know if anything possibly could.

I’ve just come from the ridge where they filmed our two professional dancers, Mirabai Deranja and Christopher Selbie, dancing to Life Is a Dream, choreographed by Lori Van Atta. The sun was setting behind them, creating a beautiful blend of light, shadow, grace, and landscape.

The dance was alive with the inner meaning and vibration of the song:

Life is a dream, time like a stream,
carries our burdens away.
Never despair, joy’s everywhere,
love can befriend you today.
Free from all care like birds on the air,
Soar above grief and worry: seek joy and be gay!

Often on earth things of great worth worldly ambition defy;
Sometimes a friend helps us ascend
Up from life’s cares to the sky.
Love is a star: though shining afar,
It can guide us and help us toward light to draw nigh.

The dancers, who grew up at Ananda, innately know how to express higher consciousness instead of ego through their art. The combination of their performance with the music and setting brought tears of joy to my eyes. I must confess that I am not yet able to live 100% open to God’s omnipresent love yet, but throughout their performance I had no doubt whatsoever of His divine presence. My sincere belief is that those who see this movie will also feel at least a little of that power.

I wanted to introduce a few more crew members. Here are Blair, Brian, Andy and James, our experts in capturing the beauty of Ananda and it’s environs.

Here I am with Blair and Brian, who has the awesome task of carrying the 45 pound steadycam, moving as a yogi without jiggling the camera.

Here is my audio colleague Brian, in charge of capturing sound:

And Miles, who has the formidable task of making sure the boom mic stays out of the frame:

Finally, the three in charge of setting up the scene – Dave Bunge, gaffer, in charge of everything electrical on the set; Ted Nicolaou, the director; and Andy Strahorn, Director of Photography. Truly a great team to see in action, working in harmony with one another to bring the vision of the film.

Thank you to all who are contributing and investing in your time, skills, and money – this movie truly can help change the world. This will be my last post on A Place Called Ananda, but you can continue to look for my blogs on the movie website and the facebook page for The Ananda Movie. It has been a joy to share with you!


  1. This is so much fun. We all love it.
    The buzz in Seattle. Have you seen David’s blog today?

    Don’t stop.
    Wasn’t there a song, David?
    “Don’t stop until you get enough”. Oh, I am dating myself now?
    But,we love your posts and haven’t had enough.

    This is so inspiring to see all of the energy, passion and devotion that will be spread throughout the globe.
    Bless all who are involved directly with this amazing project. This will bring many souls to God and search for truth.

    Chandi Holliman

  2. Thank you for involving us in this wonderful project through this blog. Love the nuanced observations!

  3. Thank you, David, these posts have been marvelous!
    Thanks for letting us all in on the process.

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