Delighted, no end is actually the punch line to a joke in the Peace Treaty (Swamiji Kriyananda’s 3-act play). But it describes this weekend perfectly. People were delighted with the gardens at Crystal Hermitage.
Hi everyone, last week I shared with you photos of the first weekend of Springtime at Ananda. It was cloudy and very cold. But, many hardy souls made the trek to see Crystal Hermitage Gardens. This weekend was sunny and warm! At least 1000 people took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and came to see the Gardens this week. The tulips and cherry trees were in full glory and drinking up the sun.
People of all ages enjoyed the warmth, the amazing colors and garden artistry. I think most of Ananda was involved in helping to host this special weekend. We enjoyed each others company and especially enjoyed seeing and hearing the delightful responses to the garden.


We noticed that our visitors seemed very relaxed, they explored the nooks and crannies of the gardens and were enchanted with the small patches of color and the planting combinations.

They took time to sit and enjoy the views.


Today also was special for the students who just graduated from the month long Ananda Yoga Teacher Training course held at The Expanding Light. Several of these dedicated people came over to enjoy the garden experience before heading home. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these new yoga teachers and feel good that they will be sharing the light in their new roles as hatha yoga instructors. Congratulations, everyone!
There were first class treats available, beautiful music, and well attended concerts throughout the day.
The pool and trees in the lower garden inspired relaxation and quiet conversations. All-in-all a very lovely event. A huge thank you to everyone involved and to all our beautiful guests.
Pictured below are Jivada and Netri Mair the head planners and gardeners. They posed for me at the end of the weekend. They look great don’t they?
Swami Kriyananda’s vision for the garden, Divine Mother’s grace, and many willing and joyful souls are responsible for the enchanting, uplifting place known as Crystal Hermitage. From this place of beauty many prayers are sent out into the world. And especially now with all that is happening on our planet we pray that you feel God’s joy deep within. Bless you all.


  1. Thanks, Barbara, as always! Drinking in the glory of these photos is 2nd best to being there. Joy, Dambara

  2. Barbara your photos are delightful. I would like ot share them in my enewsletter. Is that OK. Please email me as I love your photographs. In fact… can I see more?

    Blessings, Barb Walley

  3. Dear Barbara,
    Thank you so much for publishing these beautiful photographs and the experiences of people visiting the gardens. Because of this, I am able to experience the gardens even though I am unable to attend this year. And, I am able to share with others and introduce them to this magnificent display of devotion.
    Blessings and Thanks,
    Brenda G.(Sacramento Sangha)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Barbara. My husband and I spent an hour enjoying the gardens on Sunday. Even though we live at Ananda Village, the Open House coincided with our vacation, so we took this opportunity to experience the grounds as “tourists.” It was lovely! The beauty of the flowers was rivaled by the beaming faces of the volunteer staff. Warmth, inspiration, hospitality… oh, and the scones! I had to come back for seconds… or was it thirds? :)

  5. Simply gorgeous!! What wonderful care everyone takes of the gardens. You can see the beauty of God in each flower. Love and blessings to all, Nancy

  6. Thank you all so very much!! I had a long day working in a Casino, worldly as it gets! And when I opened this e-mail and saw all the beauty and wonder, I could Feel Masters Presence right through the screen!! Divine Mother is so very pleased with the Paridise that Swamiji and all of you have created, with the Spirit and Energy, so Loving placed in each flower.
    In Divine Gratitude,

  7. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I am very touched. I am currently out of town and writing from my iPhone. (Barb, I will get in touch with you when I get home). Bless you all. Barbara

  8. Thank you Barbara! The beauty of this slide show is breath taking. Makes me miss the Village terribly!

  9. Dear Barbara,thank you once again for your inspiring photos.The slide show brought tears to my eyes.In Master,Jerry.

  10. There aren’t words to describe the beauty and peace I enjoyed this morning. Walking through the gardens on a beautiful spring morning was enriched by the lovely conversations with Casey and Nancy, sharing their warmth and knowledge of the gardens.
    What a treat! So grateful. See you in the fall to help plant for the next year.

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