Dear Friend,

Here is a beautiful comment from a fellow tither:

“I have been tithing monthly for decades to Ananda. When I began tithing I made very little income as a graduate student. Over the years my income has grown and I’ve been able to tithe more. I see Divine Mother has supplied my every need all along the way. This month I received extra income and this is my additional tithe.

“I have found tithing to be a liberating practice. It frees me from I, me and mine to everything is God’s. This is an important way I can give back for the bounteous gifts I receive from Divine Mother.”

Tithing is a tried and true method in developing more faith in God. As Swami Kriyananda states in his: 26 Keys To Living with Greater Awareness:

“Faith is another vitally important principle. To do a thing really well, one must believe in it wholeheartedly. Faith is intuitive recognition of the truth of a thing. It is not passive acceptance, but committed belief, belief put into practice. Faith transcends petty victories and defeats. It is not commitment to things, merely, but to truth. The foundation of faith should be one’s sheer joy in the fact that he is alive. Rejoice in the power within you, a power shared by all mankind, to achieve your own highest potential.”

I recently went though a difficult financial situation. I had to admit to myself I was afraid. The moment I realized I was afraid I thought, “this is not my reality. I will give no attention to this feeling. I am God’s child. He alone is in charge of my life.”

I sat in a chair in my living room and looked at the large photo I have of Master on the wall. I remembered one of my favorite affirmations that Master wrote:

“I go forth in perfect faith in the power of omnipresent good, to bring me what I need at the time I need it.”

I don’t know how many times I repeated the affirmation, but it was a long time. When I was done I could look at the fear I had felt and realized it had no power over me, unless I chose to identify with the feeling.

The great Indian saint Anandamayi Ma once was asked what free will we had in the world. She stated that we had the “choice to think about God or not.”

When finances are difficult, choose to think about God.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham
“Thank You, God”

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