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In my last posting, I revealed Ananda’s blessed treasure, as given to me…. Attunement!


Ananda Isle of Man Meditation Group Altar

Attunement to such a wonderful, sacred and healing vibration, that I must share it with all.

Well this is one of the ways I have begun doing just that…

For some time I had been asked by friends to start a meditation group. They saw positive changes in me, since my launch into Raja yoga meditation, and naturally wanted to learn themselves. Yet I wasn’t ready to lead a group. I didn’t feel capable of the daunting prospect. It wasn’t until after my initiation into Kriya yoga that I truly knew I could do it. Living in the dynamic vibration of the Guru gives licence to the manifestation of just about anything one puts a mind to, knowing the power of the Divine is working through us; that it is God Who is the doer.

I put out a call in meditation for souls who were ripe for these teachings and they started coming. In July of this year Ananda Raja Yoga Meditation Group, Isle of Man was born. The numbers swelled quickly, but some come and some go. I know my mettle is being tested, so early on in this venture. Will I stay the course no matter what? One week I was meditating on my own, yet it doesn’t matter. The service is there for any who want it, and it is not up to me to be concerned how many, or how sincere are the members. God alone knows the whys and wherefores.

Helped by daily sadhana (spiritual disciplines) and my ever increasing attunement to the Gurus, I am also supported by Ananda Assisi, Italy which oversees the Ananda meditation groups in Europe. I am supported too, of course, by my dear friends within the group. I can serve with the confidence that internal and external help is at hand when needed. The Isle of Man group meetings are held in the chapel of our island hospital where I work.

The vibration of the Gurus is spreading ‘like wildfire’ just as Yoganandaji predicted of future spiritual communities. Although very new and very small, the group may not be a residential community but the Ananda community spirit manifests through it. The divine connection that comes with regular meditation is increasingly evident in those who are sincere in their meditation practice.

Ananda communities and meditation groups are far more than isolated islands of calm amidst the hub-bub and chaos of general society.

The Ananda/Guru vibration is expansive and integrates into any location and culture if one is receptive to it.

As a devotee and disciple, it is my joy to help spread this ray of Golden Sunshine; to draw and increase the momentum of this holy vibration; this sacred dispensation.

Ananda’s essence knows no bounds. It permeates near and far, which I can far better express in another way I have recently learned to share my heart’s joy…

Isle of Man

Ananda Sangha *

From hither and thither
Come friends bathed in light,
Brought here together,
In One to unite.

Drawn by the ray of our Gurus divine
From four winds afar
To this point here in time.
Soul upon soul,
Who are known of past lives,
Recognized at once
By the Light in their eyes.

This place of upliftment,
Of family true,
Born of right living,
Is open to you.

All faiths are welcome,
From all walks of life,
For all are our brothers
And sisters in light.

We sing with one heart
Our devotional chants
Infused with the joy
Of our Gurus presence.

Together we practice our Kriyas
In God’s grace,
Cremating the seeds
Of past karma, to date.

The Masters’ vibration
Infused in this land
Spreads far and wide
‘Cross the seas and o’er sands,

They permeate within us
To a place beyond time,
We glide on their grace
To our summit sublime.

O Gurus, we thank you
For showing the way,
For gifting Ananda
To soul weary strays,

For shining the beacon
That reflects in our hearts
And spurs us to service
And love all as ours,

For hands ever holding,
For kindness to all,
For joy on this journey
Through Spring and through Fall,

For gracing the lives
Of the ardent sincere
With keys to the freedom
Our hearts hold so dear,

For invoking God’s ray
Of blessings and love,
This vibration, Ananda;
Bliss understood!

*Ananda Sangha – Ananda Worldwide, founded by Swami Kriyananda.
Ananda – Sanskrit for bliss

Joy to you


  1. What an apt and beautiful way to describe the Ananda
    Marg (Journey)!. Thankyou for sharing this lovely ode to “Ananda” with all of us.

  2. Sue,

    Many blessings to you for bringing Ananda Sangha to Isle of Man. We are trying to do a similar thing in hyderabad, India and I am inspired from your example.
    Joy to you

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