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We just finished our yearly Spiritual Renewal Week and it was the most uplifting and inspiring week I have experienced. The level of personal spiritual experience that each speaker brought to their talk was phenomenal. If you weren’t able to make it this year, they are available in streaming video format at

Nayaswami Devi gave the closing Sunday Service. In her talk, she referenced some of the challenges we all face in this world right now. One of the challenges she mentioned was anxiety and fear.

She stated: “What is behind anxiety and fear. We all have it. We have it in a million different ways. What we need to understand is that just behind that anxiety—that restless confusion, is the peace of God. Resign yourself to the infinite peace that is within you.

“Don’t accept it. Don’t remember it. Resign yourself to the infinite peace within you. God is the ever new joy of meditation. Resign yourself to the infinite love within you. So when we get anxious, resign yourself, that you are peace. Underneath it all is the changeless peace of God.”

I can think back to some of the most difficult moments in my life. If I was open and receptive I felt God’s peace. It was God as the comforter. If I was closed down and feeling sorry for myself, that grace was blocked.

I have heard Swamiji council people when something difficult comes along to not identify with it. God gives us these tough challenges to see which way we will break. Don’t break toward saying poor me, or this is too difficult. Break toward giving your life more completely to God. This is how saints are made. God does not give them an easy time. But His peace and bliss are always with us. We’ve covered it up with what Swami calls our “self-definitions,” but He is always with us.

Right now probably everyone is feeling some degree of anxiety about their finances. Don’t identify with the fear. Pray: “Lord, you are giving me a very tough test here. I am afraid. But I give that to you Lord. I am not this temporary emotion called fear. I am your child. Help me to feel your peace and joy. That is my reality.” Do this over and over again. Shake the heavens with your prayer until you receive an answer. His answer will come to you in many ways—and one of the ways will be as peace.

Don’t pray for money or to be rich. It just won’t work that way. You are rich or poor because of your past karma. But you can pray for God’s guidance and His peace. Refuse to identify yourself with your financial difficulties.

If you identify strongly with the fear of not having enough money, you will actually push away opportunities to make money because of your negative magnetism. Identify with God’s peace and joy. If you tithe even .01% of our income you are strengthening your positive magnetism. Anything you can do to strengthen your magnetism will help draw opportunities to you.

Always try to remember to practice a spirit of gratitude for all He has given you.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham
“Thank You, God”

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