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I was with a friend the a few years ago and we were speaking about tithing. She recounted her first experience with tithing:

Many years ago she was working and was then at the top of her pay scale. Her husband had recently passed away and she still had her daughter at home. No matter how she sliced the pie she was going to be $100 short each month. She thought, “Well, I might as well tithe,” and began tithing 2% of her income. Most of all, she was tired of worrying about money and wanted a solution to free her from this constant burden.

She started feeling a bit freer and the tithing got easier. She started tithing 5% of her income and she felt freer still. Within 2 weeks of beginning her practice of tithing, her pay grade changed and she received $50.00 more per month. Within a month she received a cost of living increase for—you guessed it—$50.00 more per month.

Since then she has never worried about money again. She told me that during this period of her life, she had never before grown so much spiritually in such a short period of time!

Years ago, I saw a Peanuts cartoon with Lucy and Charlie Brown. In it Lucy is saying, “We grow most from our most difficult experiences.” And Charlie Brown replies, “What a stupid system!” It’s hard to argue with good old Charlie on a purely physical and material level. But we are much more than our physical reality and the tests this physical plane places upon us. Our true nature is ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. God has set us the task of “remembering” our true nature and pain is part of what drives us toward God.

When we are $100.00 or $2,000.00 short of our needed income in a given period what are our choices? We can be afraid and complain which will help close our heart to God’s grace. Alternatively, we can respond to fear by talking to God, our greatest Well-Wisher, instead of complaining. We are all going to feel afraid from time to time, but how long do we want to live in this state? Give God the responsibility of taking care of you. After all, He did set up this system! Then do something expansive when you feel the fear just as my friend did in the little story related above. If you continue this practice, you will ultimately be free of the fear of not having enough money because you will KNOW God will fulfill your needs from your own personal experiences.

Once the fear is gone or at least minimized you won’t have the negative magnetism of pushing away any real solutions to your monetary shortfall. You will attract what is needed when you are not preoccupied with your own problems. Think of others and help them and/or pray for them. Jesus Christ said, “To as many received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God.” Cleanse your heart and make it ready to receive the incredible bounty that is our birthright.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham
For Ananda’s Thank You, God Tithing

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