Getting to Stillness

By Rashmi Krishnan

How does one get to the stillness at will?

This question often teases us on our spiritual journey. Sometimes you have a deep meditation experience and for a brief while, there is the experience of stillness and oblivion as to the passage of time. The moment you rise from the meditation seat, however, the world rushes in clamoring for attention as though it had sorely missed you for your brief interlude with the Divine. The meditative experience of calm and stillness quickly becomes just a memory tinged with wistfulness.

I recently went through a medical issue that required hospitalization and there were long spells of time when I had to be alone. There was no one else around, which meant that no interaction with any other person was necessary and there were no distractions if I wanted to go into deep stillness. It was the perfect setting for some serious meditation – a retreat in the hospital.

Charged with enthusiasm, I started to build up my internal spiritual atmosphere, tuning in to the vibration of our Masters through reading and music. By the third day, I was feeling withdrawn from the usual distractions of life and was naturally calm and meditative but I could not get to stillness in meditation. When I sat to meditate, the mind would wander unwilling to be submerged in silence. My efforts to meditate deeply as we had been taught, met with hardly any success and at the end of a half-hearted struggle – I would give up.

One day after one of these disheartening episodes, I looked idly out of the wide glass window of the hospital room. I became aware of a silk-cotton tree outside, aflame with vibrant red flowers, contrasting strongly with the drab hospital blocks with their huge, never-ending network of shabby pipes carrying water, oxygen, sullage, and other things.

As I gazed at the tree, amazed at the beauty of this creation of God, a flock of birds arose from nowhere into the blue sky and began flying in circles. I saw squirrels running through the branches of the tree and birds that pecked at something or the other, or played among themselves perched on the same tree.

Watching the distant sky in silence, I was filled with a great sense of calm and stillness stealing into my heart. God as the Invisible Beloved Father who looks after all of us, suddenly felt very close.

The calmness that entered me lasted a long time. Certainly, it was not due to any conscious effort of mine, although I had indeed been longing deeply for such an experience.

Filled with gratitude for the pure grace and love that had come to me in that quiet moment as I admired the harmonies of nature, I remembered the reply Paramhansa Yogananda had given to a disciple. This disciple had asked him why he was unable to feel the Divine and whether he wasn’t trying hard enough. Paramhansaji had answered, “No, you are trying too hard.

So how do we get to stillness?

We don’t always get to it by effort alone. As one Ananda song goes, “Even when there’s no reply, never let your longing die, and call to Him, Keep Calling Him.” Stillness comes to us through love and grace as a gift drawn by the longing of our hearts.

Original post:, December 18, 2019


    1. I am so touched that the inspiration that came to me has truly touched the hearts of my dear soul friends.
      Joy to all,
      with love,

  1. Excellent article – thanks. Meditation starts with the opening of the heart and inviting His grace!

  2. I am grateful to have this article it’s really inspiring,no matter what keep trying

  3. When the mind is interiorised – calmness stillness are natural consequences and hence sustainable. External circumstances can not affect interiority under such situation !

  4. Very good. I needed this now. I am also going through a difficult time which has affected my deeper meditation and I am agitated. If I can’t settle to meditate, I often repeat the The Lord is my Shepherd prayer. I will keep calling to Him. I needed this reminder not to give up.

  5. Thank you for this lovely timely article as always especially as I was just now talking to God after a certain issue that had just happened a short while ago. There’s no one like Jesus to turn for the power of the Holy Spirit is mighty. Such comfort and grace. God Bless all.

  6. Thank you, Rashmi! This reminds me of wise counsel I received from a friend years ago. “Sometimes what we need is less effort-ing, more allowing.” Hope you don’t mind that I “borrow” your lovely piece for Ananda Portland’s next newsletter. Blessings….

    1. Dear Margery,
      Please do share. It will be an honour for me and a joy.
      Love, Rashmi

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