In the act of giving, many blessings are bestowed. Giving towards the Moksha Mandir to commemorate the life of our friend and guide, Swami Kriyananda is bringing joy to so many people.
Here are just a few sentiments from the many who were touched by Swamiji’s life and who have chosen to give towards this special campaign:
Swamiji is my spiritual father. Portland, OR
For the Moksha Mandir – Kriyanandaji’s books explain in modern day language, great truths that are otherwise difficult to understand. He left us a treasure chest full of beautiful gems of wisdom that are beacons of light in the troubled times we live in. London, UK
I discovered Ananda 5.5 years ago and it changed my life. During that time, I had the good fortune to hear Swamiji speak and sing from LA, Nevada City, New Delhi, his home in Pune and back. I will never forget the sweet spiritual advice he gave me that moved me to discipleship. I am honored to pay tribute to this wonderful soul who has touched so many lives. Lomita, CA
With eternal gratitude to Swamiji for being the Ray for Master’s teachings and helping devotees from around the world learn how to live a life for God, with God, and loving the God in all. Alameda, CA
Swamiji changed our lives. Nevada City, CA
Swamiji and Ananda has touched our lives in so many ways even through the Internet. So it is a privilege to be able to participate. Thank you! St Hubert
I’ve been a member of Ananda Palo Alto since 2001. I am so grateful to Nayaswami Kriyananda for his inspiration, music, books, and the amazing legacy of Ananda that he selflessly created in devotion to Master. My life has transformed because of Swami. Thank you God and thank you Swami! San Carlos, CA
I met Swamiji 3 years ago. He said a few words (that I cant remember) blessed me and that was all. I was too scared and in awe of him at the time, and didnt feel a thing or was changed by that experience in any way I could sense. I was angry at myself for a long time about that, but when Swamiji past away I felt he lightened the burden of my biggest samskar yet. I dont know how, but I know he took with him a piece of it. since then I’ve read a bit about peoples encounters with him at Ash’a Book (“Swami as we’ve known him”) and understood greatly how subtle Swamiji’s influence is and how little of encounter he needs to give so much. I can only imagine how many people were touched by him and so I would very much like to help you build a temple that will enable every one of us to come and meditate with Swamiji in. Tel Aviv, Israel
Kriyananda’s music, readings and commentary on the Gita along with his writings have all profoundly impact us both and continue to do so. He continues to live on through his works and through others that have been touched by them. We are forever grateful. Newport, RI 
Swami Kriyananda has been the single most important and influential person I have ever met in this life. Nevada City, CA
I honor his devotion to his guru’s vision and mission. Hidden Valley Lake, CA
Swamiji means a lot to me. His life brought inspiration to my sadhana and I could never thank him enough for all he did during his predestined life. Brazil
Though I only met Swami Kriyananda once, I am constantly touched by his wisdom and devotion as they flow through every aspect of Ananda. I felt strong inner guidance to make this gift, though it is a bit of a hardship for me at this time in my family’s finances. It comes with fervent prayers that this little seed I plant will bear great fruit in Swami’s honor. Portland, OR
Before Ananda my life was lived by default with no direction but now my life is under the direction of God and Guru. Thank you Ananda. Los Altos, CA
Without Master, Swamiji, Ananda and every Ananda member and minister, I would not be who I am right now. I have been touched by these teachings for over twenty years and simply can not imagine life without them. I feel deeply blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this amazing Ray of Light so generously with us all. Marblehead, MA
Swamiji touched my heart the very first time I heard him speak back in the mid 70’s. A wonderful friend. Medford, OR
Swami Kriyananda touched my life to make it happy and joyful. I learnt Kriya Yoga at Ananda India in Gurgaon. Quincy, MA
I am truly grateful for the lasting inspiration of Swami Kriyananda’s presence in my life. His writings and lectures have had a tremendously positive effect on my life, and he illuminated the path of yoga with profound wisdom and joy. Laurelwood, OR
He gave me the joy of Kriya initiation! Louisville,KY
Ananda has touched every aspect of my life. This is a gift of gratitude for the teachings and culture Swami Kriyananda shared with all of us. Portland, OR
Ananda and the teachings it shares changed my whole life, and I have never gone back in my thinking since…how could I, when I have heard the Truth? Every time I visit Ananda it is like going home; the vibration of all the devotees I encounter is similar and brings me back to my Source. I am absolutely changed by stumbling across Ananda Portland in 1993. I am so grateful to Swami Kriyananda and those who hold the vision of intentional spiritual communities that carry light to people like me.  Salem, OR
Ananda has enriched my life beyond measure. I am eternally grateful to Paramhansa Yoganada and Swami Kriyananda for disseminating the teachings to the world. With many blessings. Elk Grove, CA

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